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Men In Black 3 Movie Review

I have been a fan of this series since the very first one came out. So when I heard that they were making a 3rd one, I was so excited! And it was just as amazing as they all have been. If you had any doubts about seeing this movie because you didn't like the 2nd one, then I would still suggest seeing the 3rd one, still. The 2nd one is good, but this one is way better. This time in the movie, Agent J (Will Smith who is brilliant as always) goes back in time to protect Agent K's (Tommy Lee Jones) life and prevent an alien attack happen.  I thought that they did a great casting job at casting Josh Brolin as the younger Tommy Lee Jones. Josh Brolin did an amazing job at acting as the younger Agent K. I was not thrilled about seeing it in 3D because I just don't care for 3D much, but I didn't think it was that bad in this movie. I actually enjoyed it. The alien creations were amazing as always. They even brought back some of the aliens from t

Make It Or Break It "United Stakes" (Series Finale) Episode Review

I put off watching the series finale as much as I could and then I finally just broke down and watched it. Couldn't wait any longer to find out who all made it to the Olympic team. I could not have asked for a better series finale.  I felt bad for Lauren at the beginning of the episode. Glad everything worked out for her and for Jordan as well.  Also glad to see that the coach got arrested! He was pretty rude. Glad that whole storyline got worked out. Jake is so sweet to Lauren! I was kind of hoping something would happen between them, but I guess that'll be a storyline that will never get solved or one that they want us to figure out how it ended. I for one, think that they both liked each other, Lauren just didn't want to admit it. Sasha is back and it's all because of Rigo! I thought that was a really sweet thing to do for Payson. I really missed Sasha. I wish he was in the show more.  Summer is also back and we have a Sasha and Summe

The Mentalist "Crimson Hat" Episode Review (Season Finale)

This episode takes place 6 months later from last weeks episode. We find Patrick Jane in Las Vegas going back to his old con ways and in a very bad state. The CBI team, especially Lisbon, is still really mad at Patrick and doesn't want to try and help him unless he turns around and asks for help. We see a different side of Patrick in this episode and he's kind of scary. Never seen him act like this before.  Did not trust this lady from the very beginning and I was right! Knew she was working for Red John. Was a little surprised, but I kind of suspected it.  Later on in the episode, Lisbon finally meets up with Patrick and we find out that this was all a trap to get to Red John! Was so happy that Patrick wasn't truly going insane. He had me believing he was!  At first, when I saw the preview and saw Patrick shooting Lisbon, I was shocked. But once I got to the episode and more into the episode, I realized it all had to be a set up and I was r

The Mentalist "Red Rover, Red Rover" Episode Review

It's the 8th anniversary of Patrick Jane's wife and daughter's murder. So, Red John is giving Patrick a hard time. Why must Red John start using little kids to get to Patrick? I'm sorry, but using little kids like that always creeps me out! Glad that Patrick hypnotized her to protect her. I think it's strange that the new Chief is always in episodes that has to deal with Red John. At first, I trusted the new Chief, but now I don't. Patrick Jane is having a hard time with Red John in this episode. I still can't believe he burned all his files on the cases! Firing Patrick was a big mistake if you ask me. Even though Red John is very very creepy, I like the episodes that have to deal with him. Makes the storyline more interesting.  Very good episode and one not to miss before the season finale. These two tie together. :)

NCIS: LA San Voir Episode Review (Season Finale)

The Chameleon returns in the season finale. He's very creepy. But I guess he's supposed to be. :) Man, for one second, it looked like everything was going fine and then the next everything went wrong in the very beginning! Was not expecting that to happen at all. I believe that Kensi and the agent that died had a history of some sort. Maybe we know and I just don't remember or it's something that we never knew. I thought it was totally sweet that Deeks was trying to cheer her up. :) There's a possible storyline for next season. The new assistant director said that there's something wrong with one of the agents? I can't remember what exactly, but maybe there's a mole or something? I still don't like the new assistant director. Not really sure why, I just don't. It took me a minute to remember who Hunter was, but once I did, I couldn't believe that the Chameleon just killed her!  This episode was intense. Glad nothing

Hawaii Five-0 Death In The Family (Ua Hala - Season Finale)

I love and hate season finales. Season finales are always so interesting and so much stuff happens, but then there's the dreaded cliffhanger. Sometimes they aren't so bad, but other times, they are bad (bad as in I can't believe they decided to end it there and not tell us what's going on!) and we have to wait until September to find out. Now this one, it did have a great cliffhanger and I am excited to find out what happens next season. Did not expect the ending at all.  Poor Max! So glad he's gonna be ok. I really love his character and would hate to see him die.  I love Danny's daughter. She's too cute. I hope everything works out between them and it doesn't turn into something ugly. Poor Danny. He really didn't want to have to do something that would hurt his ex-wife because I believe he still loves her, but I think he wants to try and keep his daughter. So, I truly hope everything turns out fine.  Ok, who else feels like the

NCIS "Till Death Do Us Part" (Season Finale) Episode Review

Out of all the season finales I watched tonight, this one is by far my favorite! Such a cliffhanger! I mean, NCIS normally has great season finales, but this one has by far been the best and my favorite! Don't worry, it did get renewed, so we will be finding out what happens! So, first off, it leaves us off from where the other one ended. They found the director and he wasn't bad. I still do not trust the director. I mean, why would they have him move his car closer all of the sudden? How he answered the question, it just seemed like he hesitated to me. I've never trusted him. Anybody else not trust him or is it just me? Who else just loves Jaime Lee Curtis' character on the show? I'm glad to know that she isn't bad and that they made up. :) This bad guy is probably the worst they have ever had. Kind of scary that he was watching them at the farm thing that they went to know when to blow up the house and stuff. Who else felt bad for

Once Upon A Time "A Land Without Magic" (Season Finale) Episode Review

To be honest, I was a little nervous to watch this show at first, but I'm glad I have watched it from the very beginning because it's such an interesting show! So much stuff always seems to happen in season finales of any TV show and this show is no exception.  This story takes off where last weeks left us. Henry being rushed to the hospital and Prince Charming being locked away somewhere. In the fairytale world, Prince Charming finally escapes by none other then the Huntsman. Remember him? I was shocked to see him come back seeing as he died in the real world (and such a sad episode, too).  Who else like wanted to cheer when Emma finally believed? I believe Henry knew that and so that's why he ate the apple. I think if he didn't, none of this stuff would have happened. They picked such great actors for this show! My favorites are Prince Charming/David and Snow White/Mary Margaret. But is it bad that I also kind of like  Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

The Mentalist "So Long, And Thanks For All The Red Snapper" Episode Review

Such an interesting episode. The CBI team investigates a murder of a surfer. I absolutely love Patrick Jane in this episode! He was just totally hilarious. He normally is funny, but for some reason, he seemed different and like more himself I guess in this episode. Just loved his little comments he would make, like about the crab on the beach was hilarious! Getting to know Lisbon's ex-fiance was a bit interesting, too. I knew there was more to the story that they weren't telling you. I am glad he didn't turn out to be the bad guy, though.  Who else just loves Chow and Summer? I really like Summer and I'm glad they got together at least for a little bit. So sad that she had to leave, though. I think he's trying to protect her. I think they really do like each other. Too cute that Rigsby is now loving the fact that he has a baby! I just love how he turned around with it because he was so nervous before, but now he just loves it and I think that

Who's Your Favorite Avenger Superhero?

Since I just saw the "Avengers", I was curious to know who your guys' favorite superhero from the movie was!: 1. Hawkeye 2. Iron Man 3. Captain America 4. Thor 5. Black Widow 6. Incredible Hulk My favorite is Hawkeye! Who's your's? Let me know in the comments!

Avengers Movie Review

Just got back from seeing the "Avengers" and wow, I would say it's a must see movie if you love superhero action movies! I'm not normally a fan of Marvel comic superheros, but I feel in love with this movie!  The movie is about Iron Man, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow all coming together to save earth. I have not watched the other movies (Iron Man, Thor, etc.) and so I was a little bit confused during the movie whenever they would talk about their past. This movie, however, did make me want to watch them. But even if you haven't seen the other movies, I would recommend seeing this one if this is the kind of stuff you like.  Iron Man/Tony Stark: Funny character, but at first he doesn't want to be apart of the team. It actually takes a while for all of that to come together. I didn't think I'd like Iron Man, but I did actually start to like him. :) The Hulk/Bruce Banner: I haven't seen the original

Make It Or Break It: Truth Be Told Episode Review

Who is gonna be sad when this show ends on Monday, May 14th, 2012? I've been watching since the beginning and I for one will be sad that it ends. I just hope they don't leave us with a cliffhanger. All I'm asking for is that we know who gets on the team and I'll be fine with that! Anyways, another great episode, though! I knew there was something off about the new coach that is helping them right off the bat. I was kind of thinking it was something along the lines what Jordan said happened, but I was hoping I was wrong. I hope that he gets kicked out of the sport!  Ok, I know I've said it before, but I really love Payson and Rigo! Rigo is so supportive of Payson and really tries to help her in this episode. I feel bad for Payson because she thinks the coach thinks she is safe and won't let her start the team off in the Olympics (if she makes it). I never really liked Austin, but I think what he did to Kaylie was just rude! I feel so bad for

Hawaii Five-0: Ua Hopu Episode Review

First thing I have to say about this episode is, Steve is back!!!! Who else missed him and was so happy he was finally back? I mean, he only missed 2 episodes, but still, he's the star, it just felt weird without him. He's my favorite character, too.  Anyways, such another action packed episode! Who was surprised to see who Kono's boyfriend was? I'm not sure how I feel about all that. But seeing next week's preview, I'm not sure if he's good and likes Kono the way Kono likes him. Now that Steve has Wo Fat, I'm curious to know what the story will be about after this? I'm sure we will know a little more after the season finale next week and what it'll take off from now that this story is kind of closed. But I think that Wo Fat won't stay in jail for long. I think there will be more to the story because I think Wo Fat gave up to easily? I mean, I almost thought it was a trap when Steve first caught him in his room. He was just t

NCIS: Los Angeles: Neighborhood Watch Episode Review

This episode has been by far my favorite! I knew I was gonna love it the first time I saw the preview of it last week! I always love these kind of episodes. You know that Deeks and Kensi like each other, so that makes this episode even better! I'm not even sure what my favorite part was. So, the episode was where Deeks and Kensi go undercover as a married couple in a neightborhood because there's a Russian sleeper cell in the neighborhood.  Who also loves this couple? I'm not sure if I'd ever want to see them officially dating or not, though. But I do love this storyline. You know that they really like each other. I just think it's cute. :) Besides Deeks, Eric is one of my favorite characters on the show.  Who wants to get this couple together in real life? I for one would be for it! You know that they like each other. It's pretty obvious.  This episode was just another funny, action packed episode, but by far my favorite. I was

TV Shows Renewals

For those who are wondering or haven't heard, yet, "Once Upon A Time" got renewed for season 2! It was announced on their official Facebook a few days ago! I was so happy when I saw that because I wasn't sure about that show. The season finale for it is this Sunday, May 13th! So don't forget to check it out!  Click here for official announcement Also, Castle got renewed for season 5! :) It was also announced on their official Facebook page as well. I am also happy about that one! :)  Click here for official announcement Here are the shows that I watch that have gotten renewed: (Renewed for season 10)  Click here for official announcement (Renewed for season 5)  Click here for official announcement (Renewed for season 3)  Click here for official announcement (Renewed for season 4)  Click here for official announcement What show are you most excited to see that got renewed for a new season? Let me know in the

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Promo!

This isn't a review, but I thought I would post it anyways! This is my favorite show on TV and they released a new promo for season 3! Super excited for June 5th! I love this show, but this promo made me even more excited! Can't wait to see what happens next! Here's the promo for it!: What are your theories? What are you most excited to see? This show is so addicting! If you have wanted to watch it, I suggest starting from the beginning. If you start watching now, it won't make any sense. Trust me. :)  

NCIS: Up In Smoke Episode Review

These last four episodes have been amazing! Next week's season finale looks amazing (don't worry, it got renewed for season 10). But tonight's episode has been my absolute favorite so far.  I think the bad guy that they are after has been the worst one yet. I'm hoping that they will catch him, but you never know. They might not catch him and it might be an on going storyline. I haven't heard anything about it yet, if that's the case.  Who else loved the whole thing with Jimmy and his bachelor party? I thought that part was hilarious! They were all trying to scare him so bad. Now, I was a little confused, I'm pretty sure that the "party" they had for him was fake and will we even see the real party for him? I hope we do. I just think it's too cute that he chose Abby as his best "man". :) I also love Jamie Lee Curtis' (Samantha Ryan) character on the show! There were a few things I was confused about. The first o

Castle: Always (Season Finale) Episode Review

You know, I love and hate this time of year. I love it because I love watching season finales of the TV shows I watch, because they are always so suspenseful and interesting and so much seems to happen and you don't know where it'll leave off for the cliffhanger. But then I hate this time of year because it means that I have to wait until September to find out what happens next on my shows. My first season finale of the month was "Castle" and I couldn't have for a better season finale. It's their best season finale yet! So much happens in this episode, I don't even know where to begin. Kate and the team find a dead guy and then they later find out that it's connected to Kate getting shot and her mother's shooting.  Now poor Castle has tried so hard to get Kate to not get into the case again because if she does, that means she will be killed as well. He finally tells her all the stuff that he knows and it doesn't turn out so wel

Once Upon A Time: An Apple As Red As Blood Review

The fairytale story this time is Snow White trying to rescue Prince Charming. It also involves a certain red apple.  I'm glad Emma didn't try to run away with Henry. Seeing as I don't know what would happen to him if he left for good. He's left before, but he came back. Emma is now wanting to leave herself, though because she doesn't want everybody counting on her. I'm kind of glad that she hasn't believed yet because then the show would kind of be over.  I loved the fact that they are bringing the other characters/people back into the story. Like in tonight's episode, they still had August and now Dr. Archie Hopper is back! I really love his character. Also, Mad Hatter is back. Regina is trying to get the Mad Hatter's hat to work because she needs something with it.  Who else feels bad for Henry? I for one am hoping that he's ok because the promo for next weeks, makes him look like he might not be doing so well. I feel b

Once Upon A Time: The Stranger Review

Wow is all I have to say about this episode! We finally learn who the "Stranger" is! And let's just say, I was not expecting that at all! Glad that they wanted to surprise us and not leave us any hints. :)  The fairytale story in this episode is about Pinocho. I can't remember if in the first episode, we learn that Geppetto is the one that built the cabinet that Emma went through or not, but Pinocho also went through and was supposed to protect Emma.  Back in the real world, August is trying his hardest to get Emma to believe about the curse. But she's just as stubborn as always. I'm not sure why she won't believe, but she doesn't want everybody to count on her to save them. Emma is still trying to figure out how to get Henry back. And Mary Margaret goes back to her job as a teacher.  So, who else didn't see it coming that August is Pinocho? At the beginning of the episode, I was starting to put two and two together and it