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Hawaii Five-0 Death In The Family (Ua Hala - Season Finale)

I love and hate season finales. Season finales are always so interesting and so much stuff happens, but then there's the dreaded cliffhanger. Sometimes they aren't so bad, but other times, they are bad (bad as in I can't believe they decided to end it there and not tell us what's going on!) and we have to wait until September to find out.

Now this one, it did have a great cliffhanger and I am excited to find out what happens next season. Did not expect the ending at all. 

Poor Max! So glad he's gonna be ok. I really love his character and would hate to see him die. 

I love Danny's daughter. She's too cute. I hope everything works out between them and it doesn't turn into something ugly. Poor Danny. He really didn't want to have to do something that would hurt his ex-wife because I believe he still loves her, but I think he wants to try and keep his daughter. So, I truly hope everything turns out fine. 

Ok, who else feels like they missed something? One minute, we see Kono being watched by the bad guy, the next minute, Chin is talking to another bad guy that he released from jail and it sounded like they had a previous phone conversation or something? I'm not sure why this guy would even be after Chin, unless I missed something or don't remember him. I feel bad for Chin. Kono better not be dead! I really like Kono. I think killing off one of the main characters would be bad for this show. I remember when Kono was "Bad" last season and reading all the fans react to it, they were not happy at all. So I think killing her off would be a very bad idea. I do hope that Chin's wife turns out to be fine. 

Now let's talk about that cliffhanger! At first, I was thinking it was a trap that Steve was walking into with Joe at the end because I haven't really trusted Joe (still kind of don't, but I think he is good). But as soon as he said he was sorry for everything that he had to do up to this point, I don't know why, but I automatically thought that Steve was gonna see his mom and the look on his face when he opened the door, proved I was right! Very interesting turn they decided to take with that whole storyline. I wonder where it'll go from here. But now we just gotta wait those 4 long months to find out!