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Hawaii Five-0: Ua Hopu Episode Review

First thing I have to say about this episode is, Steve is back!!!! Who else missed him and was so happy he was finally back? I mean, he only missed 2 episodes, but still, he's the star, it just felt weird without him. He's my favorite character, too. 

Anyways, such another action packed episode! Who was surprised to see who Kono's boyfriend was? I'm not sure how I feel about all that. But seeing next week's preview, I'm not sure if he's good and likes Kono the way Kono likes him.

Now that Steve has Wo Fat, I'm curious to know what the story will be about after this? I'm sure we will know a little more after the season finale next week and what it'll take off from now that this story is kind of closed. But I think that Wo Fat won't stay in jail for long. I think there will be more to the story because I think Wo Fat gave up to easily? I mean, I almost thought it was a trap when Steve first caught him in his room. He was just too calm and the look on Wo Fat's face at the end of the episode, just something more will happen, I'm sure. 

I just love the Danny and Steve banter and I miss it when they don't have it in episodes. :) 

What did you guys think of next week's promo? It looks like Max gets shot! I really hope that might not be the case because I really like Max. It seems like all the season finales that I will be watching next week, make it look like someone we like will die. I really hope not because people have died already on the shows I watch and I just don't like it when that happens. But I will have to wait and see how this season finale ends. Don't worry, though, this show got renewed for season 3! So if there's a really big cliffhanger, we will find out what happens! :) The season finale airs next Monday, May 14th, 2012. Here's the promo in case you missed it!: