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Make It Or Break It: Listen To The Universe

Another drama filled episode on this amazing show! 

In this weeks episode, Lauren finds out that she has to have heart surgery in order to fix what is wrong with her. Austin is back and is getting ready for his elimination part of the test and Kaylie is helping him get ready for it. 

Who else loves this couple? I really like Rigo. Of course, something happens between them that I don't really agree with, but I still love the couple. It's my favorite couple on the show! It's so sweet what Payson does for Lauren in this episode. But I don't want to give something away in case someone hasn't watch it yet! :)

What did you think about the whole scene where Kaylie and Jordan finally become friends again? I think it's cute that she was willing to help Kaylie out with protecting Payson while she was away trying to get Lauren help.

Was anybody mad at Austin for blaming Kaylie when he got eliminated? I was. It just made me so upset that he was blaming her because he didn't make it.

I was so happy to see Summer back! I really love her character and was happy that she is back! I'm not sure for how long, but I hope she's in the rest of the show! The person I really miss is Sasha. I think he's coming back soon, too! I hope! :)

Well, I for one will be sad when this show ends. The series finale is in a few weeks. :( It was the networks decision to end it due to lack of ratings. So, we won't get an official send off. As long as we find out who goes to the Olympics, I'll be fine. Want to hear your thoughts on this weeks episode! So, feel free to leave a comment! My favorite part? Probably Summer coming back. I forgot how much I loved her character. :) Here's the sneak peek for next weeks episode (in case you missed it):