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Make It Or Break It "United Stakes" (Series Finale) Episode Review

I put off watching the series finale as much as I could and then I finally just broke down and watched it. Couldn't wait any longer to find out who all made it to the Olympic team. I could not have asked for a better series finale. 

I felt bad for Lauren at the beginning of the episode. Glad everything worked out for her and for Jordan as well. 

Also glad to see that the coach got arrested! He was pretty rude. Glad that whole storyline got worked out.

Jake is so sweet to Lauren! I was kind of hoping something would happen between them, but I guess that'll be a storyline that will never get solved or one that they want us to figure out how it ended. I for one, think that they both liked each other, Lauren just didn't want to admit it.

Sasha is back and it's all because of Rigo! I thought that was a really sweet thing to do for Payson. I really missed Sasha. I wish he was in the show more. 

Summer is also back and we have a Sasha and Summer moment! :) I'm assuming that meant that they got back together? One of my favorite moments from the whole show. :)

Glad everything worked out with Kaylie and that Wendy got caught and got kicked off the team! 

I for one, am happy with who they picked for the team. The Olympic team was Jordan, Payson, Kaylie and Lauren. There was another girl I can't remember who her name was, though. Kelly Parker was back to support Kaylie in this episode. Thought that was sweet. I would love an episode where they go to the Olympics to see who won, but it's ok if we don't get one. I loved where the show ended. All I was hoping for is that we knew who got on the team and we do, so that's all I needed and I'm happy with that. I will miss this show. So, Goodbye "Make It Or Break It". :(