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The Mentalist "Crimson Hat" Episode Review (Season Finale)

This episode takes place 6 months later from last weeks episode. We find Patrick Jane in Las Vegas going back to his old con ways and in a very bad state.

The CBI team, especially Lisbon, is still really mad at Patrick and doesn't want to try and help him unless he turns around and asks for help.

We see a different side of Patrick in this episode and he's kind of scary. Never seen him act like this before. 

Did not trust this lady from the very beginning and I was right! Knew she was working for Red John. Was a little surprised, but I kind of suspected it. 

Later on in the episode, Lisbon finally meets up with Patrick and we find out that this was all a trap to get to Red John! Was so happy that Patrick wasn't truly going insane. He had me believing he was! 

At first, when I saw the preview and saw Patrick shooting Lisbon, I was shocked. But once I got to the episode and more into the episode, I realized it all had to be a set up and I was right! Now I believe when Patrick told Lisbon he loved her, that he meant it. I always had a feeling that they both liked each other that way. The whole CBI team was in on the set up, which was a nice touch.

Then the ending where everything went wrong. FBI comes in (and I believe the FBI lady agent is the one working for Red John and that was just on purpose, Red John is always a step ahead) and ruins their set up. Was not expecting the Chief to be in the limo! At first, I was thinking Red John's voice sounded funny and that it sounded like it was a recording or being muffled or something. Wasn't much of a cliffhanger, but it was a good episode and I'm curious to find out what will happen in the next season.