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The Mentalist "Red Rover, Red Rover" Episode Review

It's the 8th anniversary of Patrick Jane's wife and daughter's murder. So, Red John is giving Patrick a hard time. Why must Red John start using little kids to get to Patrick? I'm sorry, but using little kids like that always creeps me out! Glad that Patrick hypnotized her to protect her.

I think it's strange that the new Chief is always in episodes that has to deal with Red John. At first, I trusted the new Chief, but now I don't.

Patrick Jane is having a hard time with Red John in this episode. I still can't believe he burned all his files on the cases!

Firing Patrick was a big mistake if you ask me. Even though Red John is very very creepy, I like the episodes that have to deal with him. Makes the storyline more interesting. 

Very good episode and one not to miss before the season finale. These two tie together. :)