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NCIS: LA San Voir Episode Review (Season Finale)

The Chameleon returns in the season finale. He's very creepy. But I guess he's supposed to be. :)

Man, for one second, it looked like everything was going fine and then the next everything went wrong in the very beginning! Was not expecting that to happen at all.

I believe that Kensi and the agent that died had a history of some sort. Maybe we know and I just don't remember or it's something that we never knew. I thought it was totally sweet that Deeks was trying to cheer her up. :)

There's a possible storyline for next season. The new assistant director said that there's something wrong with one of the agents? I can't remember what exactly, but maybe there's a mole or something? I still don't like the new assistant director. Not really sure why, I just don't.

It took me a minute to remember who Hunter was, but once I did, I couldn't believe that the Chameleon just killed her! 

This episode was intense. Glad nothing bad happened to Sam. I hate it when shows tease stuff like that. Too many shows I've watched recently, someone did actually end up dying, so glad it didn't happen on this one! How many times is Hetty going to quit before it actually happens? I for one, hope that she doesn't quit. I love her character on the show. 

Now that Callen's arrested, I wonder where that'll take the show to next? Hopefully something will happen with that because he's the star. He can't not be apart of the show. 

The show did get renewed, so don't worry, we will find out what happens!