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NCIS: Los Angeles: Neighborhood Watch Episode Review

This episode has been by far my favorite! I knew I was gonna love it the first time I saw the preview of it last week! I always love these kind of episodes. You know that Deeks and Kensi like each other, so that makes this episode even better! I'm not even sure what my favorite part was.

So, the episode was where Deeks and Kensi go undercover as a married couple in a neightborhood because there's a Russian sleeper cell in the neighborhood. 

Who also loves this couple? I'm not sure if I'd ever want to see them officially dating or not, though. But I do love this storyline. You know that they really like each other. I just think it's cute. :) Besides Deeks, Eric is one of my favorite characters on the show. 

Who wants to get this couple together in real life? I for one would be for it! You know that they like each other. It's pretty obvious. 

This episode was just another funny, action packed episode, but by far my favorite. I was not expecting the bad guy to be the bad guy at all. Were you? Now next weeks 2 hour season finale looks epic! I really hope that no one gets hurt. Too many of the season finales I'm going to be watching next week, looks like someone might die and so I'm hoping that they are just teasing with us fans because I think that would be bad for the shows. Here's the promo in case you missed it!: