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NCIS: Playing With Fire Episode Review

The 4 part arson story on NCIS continues in tonight's episode, Playing With Fire. It will continue up until the season finale. 

Gibbs and his team is one step closer at finding out who is behind all the arson fires on the navy ships. 

There is something mysterious going on with Ducky and then we find out that somehow he stumbled onto a lot of money and named Gibbs his executor. Which I thought was a really sweet gesture. 

Tony is jealous over some secret vacation that Ziva is planning and Ziva has told everybody but him. Later, he does find out, though. :) I love it when these to are doing stuff like that. They just need to get together already! 

Poor McGee gets sea sick when he is sent to the newest ship that has the arson fire and Tony teases him like crazy about it! 

Now next weeks episode looks just as amazing as always! I'm not sure if we will find out for sure who is doing all of this by the end of the season finale or if that might be the cliffhanger. But the last few episodes are ones you won't want to miss in this hit show! Tell me what you thought in this latest episode in the comments! Missed the promo for next weeks episode? Don't worry, I have it posted below! :)