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NCIS "Till Death Do Us Part" (Season Finale) Episode Review

Out of all the season finales I watched tonight, this one is by far my favorite! Such a cliffhanger! I mean, NCIS normally has great season finales, but this one has by far been the best and my favorite! Don't worry, it did get renewed, so we will be finding out what happens!

So, first off, it leaves us off from where the other one ended. They found the director and he wasn't bad. I still do not trust the director. I mean, why would they have him move his car closer all of the sudden? How he answered the question, it just seemed like he hesitated to me. I've never trusted him. Anybody else not trust him or is it just me?

Who else just loves Jaime Lee Curtis' character on the show? I'm glad to know that she isn't bad and that they made up. :)

This bad guy is probably the worst they have ever had. Kind of scary that he was watching them at the farm thing that they went to know when to blow up the house and stuff.

Who else felt bad for Jimmy in this whole episode? Nobody he cared about could go to his wedding because of all that was going on, except for Ducky. Thought that was totally sweet! :) But I thought it was cute that Tony, Ziva and McGee still gave him his gifts. I felt really bad for Abby. She was so looking forward to going to the wedding. Did anybody else catch the part where Tony and Ziva were talking about how they didn't like weddings and then got on the subject of eloping and Gibbs walks in and said "Yeah, it worked for me.". If you guys caught that, what do you think he meant by that? I don't believe he eloped with any of his ex-wives. The only thing I could think of (which I would love if it happened), is that Ryan and Gibbs got married since Ryan was having a hard time with stuff. My family didn't catch that, so I wasn't sure if anybody else did, either. 

Gibbs and Ryan's son finally meet! Ryan was not expecting that at all. Glad nothing happened to her son, though.

How intense was that ending huh? I'm sure everybody will be fine, but I'm still nervous to find out who does make it out alive. Poor Ducky! I think the phone call was too much for him to take and with all the stuff that was happening. I really hope he doesn't die. I don't get on these type of shows, when someone wants off the show or something, why don't they just have them move to another town or get promoted? Not die. He could have retired if that was the case. But if he is off the show, this could mean that Jimmy will be on full time! I mean, I love Ducky, but next to Tony, Jimmy is my second favorite character. I would love for him to have a bigger part of the show. I was thinking someone was gonna die because of the title of the episode, but was not expecting it to be Ducky. I mean, he could somehow live, but I'm not sure how it'll turn out. It's funny that I watch these type of shows knowing that someone could end up dying that we get attached to and that we weren't expecting to die because normally I hate watching this kind of stuff. I was hoping no one would die, we've had too many deaths on this show. But no one might die, we will just have to wait for next season for the unanswered questions to be answered!

Did you love or hate this episode? What were your favorite parts? Was this your favorite season finale, like it was for me? Let me know in the comments!