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NCIS: Up In Smoke Episode Review

These last four episodes have been amazing! Next week's season finale looks amazing (don't worry, it got renewed for season 10). But tonight's episode has been my absolute favorite so far. 

I think the bad guy that they are after has been the worst one yet. I'm hoping that they will catch him, but you never know. They might not catch him and it might be an on going storyline. I haven't heard anything about it yet, if that's the case. 

Who else loved the whole thing with Jimmy and his bachelor party? I thought that part was hilarious! They were all trying to scare him so bad. Now, I was a little confused, I'm pretty sure that the "party" they had for him was fake and will we even see the real party for him? I hope we do. I just think it's too cute that he chose Abby as his best "man". :)

I also love Jamie Lee Curtis' (Samantha Ryan) character on the show! There were a few things I was confused about. The first one, was Jimmy's party and now the thing with Ryan. Is she truly bad? Did they actually confirm that or is that something that they will confirm later on? What do you guys think of the whole Ryan and Gibbs thing? I think it's really cute and I hope she doesn't turn out to be bad.

Now what did you guys think of that cliffhanger! I have never trusted their new director. So, do you guys think he his bad or he is just kidnapped? I automatically thought he was bad, but my Mom thought that maybe he was kidnapped. 

Man, that promo for next week's season finale looks amazing! I really hope no one dies that's on the team. We don't need that again. Here's the amazing promo in case you missed it!: