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Once Upon A Time: An Apple As Red As Blood Review

The fairytale story this time is Snow White trying to rescue Prince Charming. It also involves a certain red apple. 

I'm glad Emma didn't try to run away with Henry. Seeing as I don't know what would happen to him if he left for good. He's left before, but he came back. Emma is now wanting to leave herself, though because she doesn't want everybody counting on her. I'm kind of glad that she hasn't believed yet because then the show would kind of be over. 

I loved the fact that they are bringing the other characters/people back into the story. Like in tonight's episode, they still had August and now Dr. Archie Hopper is back! I really love his character. Also, Mad Hatter is back. Regina is trying to get the Mad Hatter's hat to work because she needs something with it. 

Who else feels bad for Henry? I for one am hoping that he's ok because the promo for next weeks, makes him look like he might not be doing so well. I feel bad for him because no one believes him. Well, August, does, but Henry is trying his hardest to get Emma to believe him. Hopefully he makes that happen soon and that he'll be ok. 

I really loved this episode. I really hope this show gets renewed! Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments section! 

Here's the promo for next weeks episode (the season finale):