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Once Upon A Time "A Land Without Magic" (Season Finale) Episode Review

To be honest, I was a little nervous to watch this show at first, but I'm glad I have watched it from the very beginning because it's such an interesting show!

So much stuff always seems to happen in season finales of any TV show and this show is no exception. 

This story takes off where last weeks left us. Henry being rushed to the hospital and Prince Charming being locked away somewhere.

In the fairytale world, Prince Charming finally escapes by none other then the Huntsman. Remember him? I was shocked to see him come back seeing as he died in the real world (and such a sad episode, too). 

Who else like wanted to cheer when Emma finally believed? I believe Henry knew that and so that's why he ate the apple. I think if he didn't, none of this stuff would have happened.

They picked such great actors for this show! My favorites are Prince Charming/David and Snow White/Mary Margaret. But is it bad that I also kind of like Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold? It helps that they picked such an amazing actor and he does such a great job at playing both parts. I felt so happy for him at the end of this episode, even though he is releasing something bad now. Of course, who couldn't just help but really like Henry?

So glad David didn't end up leaving. Who knows what could have happened to him?

The only person they didn't show that I would have liked to have known if they were ok, was August. August said if the curse got broken, that he'd be fine. I would have like to have known if he turned back into a real boy after the curse lifted. Unless that's something they are wanting to leave for the next season.

Now the whole thing with the dragon at the end and Emma, that was quite interesting. Kind of cool, but a bit confusing that they were going back and forth between Emma and Prince Charming fighting the same dragon.

Ok, how did Jefferson know about the basement in the hospital? That came to a surprise to me. Unless I missed something in one of the previous episodes.

So glad Henry didn't die! I mean, I was kind of thinking he couldn't because I think he is a pretty important character. My sister and I were both thinking the same thing "True loves kiss breaks any curse" and so I was happy when it finally happened at the end! My favorite part of the curse lifting at the end? Snow White and Prince Charming realizing everything and finding each other! Best part of the whole ending, if you ask me. :)

Not sure when the show will be back. Probably not until fall, but after that season finale, I'm sure glad it got renewed! :) 

Loved or hated this episode? Let me know in the comments below!