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Burn Notice "Last Rite" Episode Review

First off, I want to say this is probably one of my favorite episodes of the season so far! I loved it! Especially the end. :)

I feel so bad for Fiona. She's having to move to the other part of the prison because they think she's high risk.

Anson is now going after Pearce? Ugh, they just need to catch this guy already! How many people is he gonna go after? But we start to get learn more about Pearce.

Nate and Michael's mom are helping him on this assignment. I like it when he involves everybody. But I do miss Fiona. 

I was a little iffy with Fiona helping this lady in prison so that the lady could do something for her, but everything turned out fine. Well, fine as in, she wasn't going after someone to kill them. So, I was happy that worked out fine.

I don't know why, but I love Sam's code name, Chuck Finley. I'm happy when he uses it. :) Man, I just love it how they can just get out of these situations. They get into some pretty close situations in this episode. Especially at the end. Didn't think that Sam and Nate were gonna get out of there. But thanks to the awesome play by Pearce, everything worked out fine, especially for Pearce. Was really happy for her that it worked out.

Ok, now to talk about that ending! Who else loved the fact that Michael finally got to see Fiona? I was so happy for them! Fiona was just crying so hard. Glad she was able to get the note to Michael because hopefully he'll fix that. And I was wrong, it doesn't have to do with Anson, or so we know, I guess.

Another show taking a 2 week break? What's up with that? All my shows are like that this week. So not fair because the next shows promo looked awesome and hopefully nothing happens to Sam! Here's the promo: