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Burn Notice "Mixed Messages" Episode Review

Another great action packed episode! First off, we follow Fiona into her jail cell and know that stuff in jail is going to be hard for Fiona. I feel so bad for her. I hope they get her out. She doesn't deserve to be there. You can really tell that Michael loves Fiona in these episodes, though. The stuff he is doing for her so that he can just see her is sweet.

Nate is back (Michael's brother)! Haven't seen him in a long time. I feel bad for Nate. I knew something was up at the beginning, but did not expect that at the end. I won't say for those who haven't seen it yet. :)

I really like Jesse's character. Especially in this episode where he's trying to help Michael out. It's really sweet. But poor Jesse. He gets into some big trouble in this episode. Quite interesting how it all turns out, though.

No news on the chase between Anson, though. I'm sure that's a storyline we will find out more later on.

Interesting turn of events at the end between Fiona and her friend in jail. Was not expecting that to happen at all! All I'll say is, why do I think that Anson has something to do with what happened? Again, I won't say what happened just in case someone hasn't watched the episode. And if you haven't yet, you should! Another great action packed episodes. USA makes me love Thursdays again. Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows and so happy it's back with a great season so far!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: