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Burn Notice "Scorched Earth" (season premiere) Episode Review

Anybody else feel like it's been a really long time since this show was on? Well, since it's one of my favorite shows, it feels like it hasn't been on in such a long time. I'm glad they always do the previously on things because sometimes when there's a long break, I tend to forget all the stuff that happened and only remember the cliff hanger.

I love these season premieres where they start off right where they left off. Last season premiere was good, but I felt a little lost because they were like 6 months after the season finale and I felt like I missed something. But this one was just right where it left off and I loved that. Such an exciting premiere.

I felt bad for Michael in the very beginning of the episode when he was reading Fiona's letter. But Sam was right when he was talking to Michael. Michael was a little bit scary though in this episode. I've never seen him act like this before.

Who else agrees that Anson is the worst bad guy ever that Michael has had to deal with? I mean, normally he would have caught him by now, but man, he's just like always one step a head I guess. I hope he does catch him soon. But it makes for a good story line. Makes me want to watch each week to find out more about how close they are to catching him.

Glad everything ended fine with Michael's mom, though. That guy Anson sent after her was a little scary. 

The guy that is interrogating Fiona and lying to her to get a confession? How horrible! I've never liked this guy to begin with. I can't remember all the story line with him, but I know I don't like him. So glad Fiona figured out that he wasn't telling the truth about the picture.

Man, Anson planted bombs in the building! So glad Sam got out fine. I was like having a heart attack waiting to find out how Sam was. Can't believe Anson got away, but I'm sure Michael catch him eventually.

Now that's what I call I season premiere. Very exciting and it makes me want to keep watching! So glad this show is back. :)