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Pretty Little Liars "Birds Of A Feather" Episode Review

Some very important information comes out in this episode. Some I had already guessed, though. But I was surprised about the outcome.

First off, Jason is back and not very happy that Mrs. Hastings is Garret's lawyer. I'm still not very sure why she is, but I guess that's something we will figure out later on.

I feel bad for Aria. She's kind of caught in the middle with the issues of her parents yet again. But it is really cute that she tries and helps her mom.

First off, when did Emily get a job? That was news to me. I feel like sometimes they don't tell us everything that goes on and it's a little annoying. Not sure why they do that, but maybe they have a reason.

Mona can't see visitors because of what happened with Caleb. I'm still not sure if she's faking or what. I still think she's creepy and not sure if we can fully trust her or not.

Maya's cousin, Nate is interesting. Who else got the feeling that he likes (like as in more of a friend) Emily? But not sure if I fully trust him because he was acting weird all of the sudden at the end with Emily. I mean, why all of the sudden move? I think -A might have gotten to him. And why do I have feeling that he won't put the letter in the package? That whole thing was weird. I was getting a weird feeling that maybe he's not really Maya's cousin? Maybe? Not sure why I thought that.

Why am I always thinking that Wren has alter motives with the whole Mona and Hanna thing? I mean, I guess he could truly be helping Hanna out, but I'm not really sure who to trust on this show. Wren is on my list of the whole -A gang.

Melissa is the Black Swan! Who didn't see that coming? I guessed that pretty much right after I watched the season finale. But glad they finally came out with it. However, I was surprised how it all played out. I'm assuming -A is the one who contacted Melissa and told her what to do at the dance. I mean, who else would do that?

I'm thinking Jason paid -A at the end. At least, I think that's what I understood of the ending. He wrote a check and then the person with the black gloves at the end (I don't know why, but I always love these scenes!) had a $50 bill? I mean, I think those two are connected. They could not be, but I think that they are.

Why must we have to wait two weeks? Why? Oh well, here's the promo for the episode in two weeks anyways: