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Pretty Little Liars "Blood Is The New Black" Episode Review

Does anybody else get creeped out by this show sometimes? Especially when you actually see shadowy figures lurking behind windows spying on the girls? Because I sure felt like it creeped me out a little bit this week. 

Ok, how creepy was that bracelet they found with the message and the teeth? I am a little disappointed that they lost it, but I have a weird feeling it might turn up again.

Mona is still creepy even when she doesn't talk! Don't you guys agree? And how does she know about the text messages starting back up again? I think she's still getting visits from the real -A, but we aren't seeing those. I feel bad for Hanna with the whole Mona thing. But I thought it was really sweet that Caleb was wanting to go with her and protect her and stuff. 

Anybody else think that it's strange that Dr. Wren is working at the hospital that Mona just so happens to be at? I think that is very suspicious. I've suspected him a little to be a part of the -A team, but I'm not really sure. This could be nothing, but you never know with this show. Do you guys think we can trust Wren? 

It would be really awkward if I was in Emily's position to get help from Ezra. He seems like he's a good teacher, though. But it would just be weird.

Ok, anybody else feel like they missed something with the whole Melissa issue? I mean, why hasn't she been on yet and why is Spencer's mom so concerned about her? Did she lose the baby and I missed that part or what?

Now we know more about the night that Emily can't fully remember. I believe Emily and I think it was Jenna that took her. 

I believe Allison hid the earrings in Aria's Dad's office. I mean, how else would they have gotten there? That totally seems like an Allison thing to do.

Interesting now that Garrett won't tell Spencer anything. He's still creepy and not sure if we can trust him or not, yet.

There's supposedly maybe someone watching Aria's mom now, too? How creepy was that noise in the school when she was there! I think it would be creepy to be in a school by yourself at night anyways. I would just go home and finish grading stuff.

Jenna is too creepy, but I thought that was a very smart plan that Spencer thought of in the bathroom at the end to find out if Jenna could truly see or not. And now they know! I wonder how they will use this against her?

The little creepy -A things at the end have started up again. This time, whoever -A is, is wearing red instead of black. I like those, though. Because it makes you want to watch the next episode to find out what -A will do with whatever they get their hands on.

Did you love or hate tonight's episode? It wasn't like the premiere, but it was still an interesting episode. Here's a promo for next weeks episode: