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Pretty Little Liars "It Happened That Night" Episode Review

First off, I want to say that I'm so happy that my favorite TV show is back! I am just addicted to this show.

In the third season premiere of "Pretty Little Liars", it starts off 5 months later from where the season finale ended.

One of the things we learn right off the bat is that the body they found at the end of last season finale's was indeed Maya's, and Emily is having a really hard time with it. I feel really bad for Emily. -A seems to like to torment her the most. And we see that big time in the first 5 minutes of the episode. Was anybody else reminded of the very first episode where we see the girls having a party in the barn (with Allison), and drinking and stuff and then they fell asleep and a while later, they woke up and the girls were missing? I totally thought of that scene and was a little worried when Emily was missing! But was not expecting her to turn up (alive, thank goodness) at the grave site by Allison's empty grave! Now, the question is, was there a body in it to begin with? I've always been thinking that. Wondering if she's truly dead.

I was not expecting Hanna to be visiting Mona in the hospital! I'm hoping she's not the one who visited her in the season finale. I don't think she was because Mona didn't respond to her the same. How creepy was it when Mona finally did look (or so we thought) at Hanna and in fact, she thought she was seeing Allison? How creepy was that! Ok, I didn't think about this until just now, but I think Mona thinking she saw Allison was a huge hint for us! I mean, why else would Mona think she saw Allison and smile like she did? Did not connect that until just now!

Toby and Spencer are my favorite couple in the show! So glad Toby is back and that they are a couple again. :) And Spencer is also my favorite character on the show as well. :)

If I was Spencer, I wouldn't want to answer unknown calls, especially after all the -A things she got. But I was not expecting the unknown caller to be Garrett! That was a surprise to see that she visited him in jail. 

Lucas is probably one of the favorite characters, even though, I think he is bad now. I've always had that suspicion about him, though. In the beginning of season two, they really make you think that. But now I think he's part of the whole -A group.

I really believe Aria did in fact see the real -A in the bathroom when she was locked in the stall. Why else would she have a panic attack? I mean, that whole scene in it self was pretty scary! But if she truly did see -A, I hope nothing happens to her because something bad always happens to someone who finds out who the real -A is.

Sometimes I feel like I miss stuff in this show. Like when did Aria's parents decide to get a divorce? I thought everything was finally working out with them again and then to find out in this episode that they are getting a divorce was kind of surprising.

Ok, anybody else think it's strange that the doctor (can't think of his name right now) is now working at the hospital with Mona? I mean, I could be wrong, but with this show, you never know what could be nothing or what could be something.

Why would Spencer go to the resort by herself at night? I mean, that place is already creepy! And to sit in that room? How creepy! 

I knew all along that there had to be more then one -A, but now the girls know that, too! 

Why would the girls leave the room without the computer at the end when the car alarm was going off? I mean, I think the computer will be missing. Maybe not, but it could be. The whole thing with the car and the pictures! How creepy! Ok, I know I keep saying that a lot, but there's no better word to describe it! And the texts are starting back up again! :) I just love how you have to watch each episode in this series or else you won't know what's going on. It's so intriguing. If you have ever thought about watching this show and haven't yet, I totally suggest starting from the beginning. Trust me, you will be totally lost throughout the whole show if you don't! Next weeks looks even better! :)

Speaking of which, here's the promo for next weeks: