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Suits "The Choice" Episode Review

Man, it seemed like so much happened in this episode it was hard to keep track! Glad I keep notes so it's easier for me to write reviews. :) But really, a lot happened in this episode.

First off, Hardman is moving into the firm and is like taking over and rebuilding stuff and everything. Harvey, Jessica and the rest of them are not liking that at all.

So happy that something finally happens between Mike and Rachel! But it all goes wrong in this episode very quickly. So sad that it does because I really want them to be together, but that's like one of the main storylines, so that's probably how they want to keep people coming back. :)

Mike's little jokes he makes are hilarious! I love them. They are so funny and random. 

Ok, I thought that Rachel knew that Mike was a fraud? I was confused by that whole part in the middle. Guess I need to rewatch the first season to find out. Not that that would be a bad thing, though.

Donna loves Harvey! Kind of always suspected that, but that was kind of confirmed in this episode. I really love Donna's character and I can totally see them together. I wonder if something will happen with that later on?

Is Louis gonna leave the firm? I don't really like his character, so I wouldn't really mind, but I don't know what he decided at the end. Was kind of confused of all the stuff that happened at the end.

Anyways, another great episode and I am loving season 2! So happy this show is back. :) Next weeks episode looks even better! Can't wait to see it.

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: