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Suits "Meet The New Boss" Episode Review

In this episode, the boss (Hardmean) is officially welcomed back to the firm, but nobody seems too pleased about that and when you get father into the episode, you know why.

Ok, I do not believe for one minute that Hardman has changed. Though we don't know how he acted before, but he seems to be like he was from what we hear. Not sure if I trust him at all.

The whole thing with Louis and the lady coming in was interesting. Harvey actually paid Louis a complement! That's unusual. But I think it actually helped that whole situation go better. This episode actually made me kind of like Louis. Normally he's a jerk, but he wasn't bad in this episode.

Not sure if I liked the whole Mike and Hardman meetings. I think that was a bad idea because poor Mike got caught in the middle. 

Wow, so many Rachel and Mike moments in this episode. I think my favorite scene was when he was trying to help her write her essay thing for her dating site. And what a surprise to see her show up at his house that night! I really think Mike needs to tell her the truth, but we will see what will happen with that. It's obvious that they like each other still. Especially in this episode.

So happy for Rachel at the end, though, when she decided to take the test! I thought she had already done it, but guess not. Hoping everything works out for her with that.

Hardman is not trustworthy. Either we knew the full story before of the whole money situation or this was the first time because I don't remember that whole story. That's why I don't fully trust Hardman's apology at the end. 

This show is also taking a 2 week break! I wonder if it's because it's a holiday in the middle of the week next week? Anyways, the next episode looks amazing!: