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Suits "She Knows" (season premiere) Episode Review

A year is too long of a break for shows like this. Especially when they have a cliff hanger like it did. I don't like it when USA does one year breaks for some of there shows. It's not fun. :( But now it's back and so that's all that matters. :)

Took me a minute to figure out that at the very beginning, they were switching back and forth between Harvey and Mike talking about the dinner and the actual dinner. So, having dinner with the boss was a good thing, or so they thought.

It's no big surprise to know that Jessica does in fact know that Mike isn't what he says he is. It was interesting how it all went down throughout the season premiere, though.

I found it very interesting how Michael decided to become a lawyer. I felt bad for him, though. 

Poor Donna, in the middle of things with Harvey and Mike. :( I love her character, though. :)

Rachel still likes Mike, but Mike never got the message and she doesn't know that. Hopefully, he can fix that situation because I believe he still likes her. 

Harvey's plan totally backfired with what he was trying to do with Louis, though. I think he just made the situation worse for Mike. I've never liked Louis. He's always been a little too mean to Mike. 

Wow, Mike doesn't seem to have the best of friends. One betrays him and the other one doesn't even trust him. I don't like the his guy friend though. Never really have, but to go behind his friend's back? That's just wrong. Felt bad for Mike. 

This episode was making me like Harvey more. He's really trying hard to fight for Mike's job. I think it's cute. :) And Jessica is starting to come around! Yay, maybe Mike can actually keep his job!

All in all, a great season premiere. Love this show a lot! :)