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Burn Notice "Under The Gun" Episode Review

Wow, one of the best action packed episodes of the season! And it starts off like that right away. :) 

So, I'm not the only one who thinks Anson is the one trying to kill Fiona in jail. Michael also thinks that. I mean, who else would want Fiona dead? I just feel so bad for her. She doesn't deserve to be in jail. Hoping Michael gets her out and soon before something really bad happens to her! :)

Poor Sam in this episode. They really make you think he's not gonna make it. He gets kidnapped by Rebecca who used to work for the CIA and is now working for Anson. I think she kidnaps Sam to try and kill Michael? I think. I can't remember.

But we do find out why Rebecca is working for Anson. Anson kidnapped her brother. :(

Sam does end up fine in the episode, though and I'm happy. I think if they killed a main character this late in the show, it would be a bad idea.

Thought it was cute that Madeline was trying to help Fiona in jail even though it didn't turn out too well for Madeline. But at the end when Michael was finally able to get involved, I was afraid that Michael was gonna kill the guy for a second after what he did to his mom. I think Madeline thought that, too. But he didn't and everything is fine for Fiona (right now) in jail because he got there in time on her new friend was nice and waited to help her.

Rebecca is apart of the team for now. Michael and the gang are gonna look for her brother. Hoping everything works out fine for them with that.

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: