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Covert Affairs "Hang On To Yourself" Season Premiere Episode Review

Wow, what a way to start the season! I still can't believe Jay died. I mean, he was kind of an important character. I kind of liked him, but I'm not mad that he died, though. But that was still a shock to see. I just think it's kind of weird that no one really seems to be effected of Jay dying. Sure the team is getting moved around, but that's it. Just found that a little odd. If I was Annie, I'd be afraid to get into my car, too after all that stuff happened. :)

I wonder why Annie is getting a lie dictator and a transfer of departments? It sounds a little fishy to me. I think more stuff is going on then they are telling us.

It's kind of obvious that Joan doesn't like Annie's new boss. I wonder why? Either Joan doesn't like her or she just doesn't like the fact that she's losing her agents. I'm not sure if I like Annie's new boss or not.

I'm not exactly sure how this guy (Simon) that Annie is with fits into the whole story, though. Either I missed something or it'll be explained later. But I'm not sure if we can trust him. Although, I think he's the one who killed those people that were after Annie. I think she's pretending to like him, though, just to get to know him more and stuff. But I think she's in danger.

Very little Annie and Auggie moments in this episode. Kind of missed them being together a lot. Who else believes that they like each other more than just friends? I do. I thought that's what we kind of figured out about them in the season finale? But what an amazing season opener. Can't wait to find out more about what Jay was up to. And that's probably more then likely what got him killed, too. Here's the promo for next weeks episode (which looks amazing!):