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The Forger Movie Review

I just watched the cutest movie. The other day at work, I was putting movies away and noticed that Josh Hutcherson had an independent movie out called "The Forger" (formally known as "Carmel"). So, when I got home, I researched it and most people said it was a really good movie, so I just had to rent it. Because hey, it has my favorite actor in it, so why not try it right?

Well, I'm glad I watched it. I was a little iffy about watching it because of it being an independent movie. Last time I watched an independent movie, it didn't turn out well. But I actually loved this movie. Ok, mainly because of my favorite actor, but that's besides the point. My sister who doesn't really like Josh Hutcherson, enjoyed the movie. Since it was a drama and I don't normally like dramas. But I loved this movie.

The movie is about this kid who gets abanded by his mother in a town called Carmel, California. So, he basically lives on the streets and is a really great artists and soon gets caught up in the forgery business.

Of course, I think Josh Hutcherson did a great job, as always. But, I have yet to see a part where Josh sucked at acting. The rest of the cast did well, too. I don't really like Hayden Panetterie, but she wasn't bad in the movie. Her and Josh worked well together. Lauren Bacall, was really great as the little old lady known as Anne-Marie. I really loved her character. 

Carmel is such a pretty location and it kind of fit the movie. 

The story is a little slow going and not really much to the story, but it's still interesting and worth a watch, especially if you like Josh Hutcherson. :) My whole family enjoyed it. Nothing really bad in the movie, either. A little violence and some language, but other then that, nothing. I'm not even sure why it was PG-13. Probably to get an older viewing audience, I'm not sure. 

But it was an excellent movie. Perfect for any Josh Hutcherson fan. :) Here's the trailer for it: