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New Pages + New Look

*All pages have now been added.*

I am slowly adding a page for each of my TV shows that I watch and write reviews about, so it'll be easier to find them. They will be listed in the Pages link up above. There are a few of them up there already, but I still have quite a few to add. So just be patient with me while I add them all.

Oh and I hope you guys like the new look! I sure do. :) Thought it was time for a change. Also, don't forget to subscribe to my blog, comment, etc! :) Thanks for visiting! :)

Update: All the pages have now been added! I may go back and add the like show logo and stuff to each page just to give it something more, but not tonight. So, enjoy my new look on the blog and don't forget to subscribe. Enjoy reading my stuff! And thanks for coming by! :)