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Pretty Little Liars "Crazy" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Crazy is a perfect title for this episode because it is just that, crazy! This episode is one of the more suspenseful, scary ones where you don't know what will jump out at you in any scene. I love these episodes, but I have to admit that it does make it a little harder for me to sleep at night after watching one of these episodes.

Basic info on the show is that Hanna thinks she's being framed, Mona is asked for help from Aria and an old friend of Allison and Jason comes into town.

Let's talk about all the crazy stuff that happened in the show. First, the cop shows up at Hanna's house asking for a blood test from Hanna and later we find out that she is being framed. It's a little weird to me, that the cop kind of knows exactly how she got in the hospital and all that. I've never really trusted the cop. Not sure if he's really apart of it, but just never trusted him. I personally don't think Hanna has anything to do with Allison's death. I mean, I guess they could throw us a curve ball with that one. But I don't think she does. I think it's just another part of -A's plans. 

I would like to know why Aria would want to visit Mona by herself in the hospital. I think it was just to help out Hanna, but I wouldn't want to go to a hospital like that by myself to see someone who was after me. The plan kind of backfires, though because Mona doesn't trust Aria. But how creepy was that whole scene when Hanna got involved! Mona escaped and led them to the Children's Ward. So creepy. I was partly watching that part before they found Mona because I just wasn't sure if something really creepy was gonna happen then. But thank goodness it was just Mona that they found. Though, how she acted, was way weird!

Cece, is Jason's and Allison's old friend from before they moved to Rosewood. She does look a lot like Allison. Kind of creepy how much they look and act a like. Supposedly her and Jason used to do date. But I think it's very odd that Allison never once mentioned her. And what was the horrible summer they spent together about? Hopefully they will fill us in more about that later on.

Now isn't Ted the one that likes Hanna's mom? But now went on a date with Aria's mom? Weird. I think that Emily's boss, Zack, likes Aria's mom. :) 

Kind of thought it was a little random with the whole thing with Jason and the drunk driving and the accident, but maybe that's just one of those story lines they will wait on to fill us in? 

Nate and Emily like each other. I just get that feeling, but with all the stuff that has happened with Emily, I don't think she's ready to admit that to herself that she likes a guy. You figure out that Nate likes Emily in this episode. I felt kind of bad for him, though because I think at the end when Emily walks by the restaurant, I'm assuming that Jenna didn't show up for the date. Oh and how about that new fact about Maya! She knew Jenna. Weird, right? 

This part totally creeped me out with the game! And then Hanna seeing Allison after it spelled out alive. I've always suspected Allison being alive because the girls have seen her too many times. These games always creep me out anyways, so this part was majorly scary for me. I wonder if it was like Aria said, though, that possibly Mona could have had someone look like Allison, but she really looked like Allison. Maybe they were trying to send Hanna a message? Like, Allison truly is alive and that someone is after her or something? Because like Mona said, "No one to save Allison from evil".

Oh, almost forgot to mention the whole thing with the website! Very clever of Mona, have to give her that, for sending that message to Hanna! I think she did give her a password, but she just can't remember it. I wonder what the site will reveal?

-A at the end in the hospital with the doll and the recording devise! I wasn't expecting -A to be listening in at all, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I always wondered how -A knew how everything was going on in their life. I think -A has a bunch of people working for him/her and does all sort of stuff like that. I've given up on trying to guess who the real -A is, though. They like to have you suspect everybody. Now I'm thinking Ezra is involved. I hope he isn't, but they are making him look very suspicious. 

Didn't mean for this review to get so long, sorry about that! So much happened in this episode, it was hard to keep short! One of the best episodes of the season. Did you love your hate this episode? Let me know in the comments! :) Can't wait for next weeks. :) Here's the promo for it: