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Pretty Little Liars "The Remains Of A" Episode Review

Wow, what an amazing episode last night! So much happened. 

First, I want to say, so many older characters returned! Jason, Spencer's dad and now Holden? Holden was actually a shocker to see. He hasn't been on in like the whole season and I thought that they were done with his character. But man, they made everybody very suspicious in this episode! People that weren't on my -A list are now kind of penciled in on it.

So, Hanna and Spencer have an idea to switch the notes with Garrett's mom and set a trap for -A, but that doesn't go down too well for them.

Totally loved the Ezra/Aria moment at the beginning with the camera scene. Really cute how he was trying to cheer her up and not make her nervous for her first day of work. 

Something else we haven't heard about or learned anything new about in a while, is the N.A.T. team. Jason thinks that Ian was hiring girls to set up their friends. Not sure if that's important or not, but we finally found something new about it.

Wow, they totally made Ezra look very suspicious in this episode. He has sort of been on my -A list. I hope he's not involved, but in this episode, they just really made it look bad for him. First, the whole weird thing with the money and I think he lied to Aria about where he got the money. I mean, why else would he look back at the dresser after he told her? And just how he answered her, too, it was just all weird. I'm thinking he might somehow be involved with who Jason was talking to about the reward money. Then, the whole scene at the end where we see -A looking at the paper and then looking at the classifieds and circle something! They just really made Ezra look like he could fit into all of this. At this rate, though, I wouldn't really be too surprised. But I do like Ezra and I hope that nothing is involved with him. They just like to make everybody look suspicious. 

Another interesting thing. Spencer's dad is watching her and I'm not sure if he's really worried for her or not. I think he's involved, just not sure how.

Oh, and Emily remembered something about that night! She thinks Holden was there and she remembers a restaurant! Glad we are slowly piecing that night together.

The whole party scene was very odd. Why was the cop there? I don't like him. Never have. Just have a funny feeling with that. And why would Hanna go into the church by herself with the lights off? 

Interesting thing about the anklet. I didn't know that the cops have been looking for that anklet for a while now and all of the sudden Spencer just happens to find it at the April Rose (btw, April Rose was an antique shop) antique shop? Interesting.

One of the best episodes of the season so far. What'd you think about it? Let me know in the comments! :) Here's the promo for next weeks episode: