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Pretty Little Liars "That Girl Is Poison" Episode Review

Another great episode of the best show ever! So much happens again, that it's hard to keep track sometimes. I almost feel like I have to rewatch the episode to get more out of it.

So, we find the girls at Emily's house (I believe, it's been a few days since I've seen it) and they are talking about visiting Hanna because they are worried about her after the break up with Caleb. Poor Hanna, though. We find out later on that she is not doing well with the break up at all. Then the the ambulance arrives. Not at their house, but at Garrett's home and takes his mom to the hospital. Then Aria sees -A or someone (I'm assuming it was -A or someone on the -A team) standing in a hoodie off to the side of the road watching all that's going on and we think they want in the house. For what, I have no clue. Oh and also because of this, Garrett got out of jail to visit his mom in the hospital.

More stuff about Lucas in this episode. Even though they changed his character a little and made him darker, I still kind of like him. I think he's getting forced to doing this stuff for -A, if that's who he's working for, which I think he is. He's on my suspect list for that team. Something interesting with the photography place in town and we later find out what is going on.

Jenna is out with that she can see now. I'm not really sure why she decided to be out with it all of the sudden. Seems a little odd to me. But she said she wants to be in control of what happens to her. And it's her birthday in this episode, so she invites like the whole town (including Ezra, which is weird) to her party.

Possible love interest for Hanna's mom at the church clothing drive thing? That's what I thought of right away. Could be nothing, though.

Toby and Spencer again! Best couple on the show if you ask me! :) 

Anybody thought it was strange that Ezra wanted to leave the party so soon after they got there? He's not on my list of suspect, but he kind of made it in this episode. He was just acting weird. Oh and the whole thing with Aria in the photo lab, I'm not sure if that shadow we saw was Lucas because he acted like he wasn't in the shop. Just because of how he acted. I think someone else was watching Aria.

Anybody else think that Paige was jealous of Nate and Emily? I think Nate might like Emily, but I don't think that's how Emily feels about him, or maybe she doesn't know how she feels. Who knows? I just thought that Paige looked really jealous in the party scene.

One huge thing we finally found out about, though, is what happened with Emily that night in the season premiere! She was drugged. Now we just gotta figure out by who and why.

April Rose has the proof? What was up with that at the end of the episode? 

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