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Suits "Break Point" Episode Review

The law suit against Harvey continues in this episode and I think is resolved by the end of it. I just felt bad for everybody involved. :(

I especially felt bad for Donna. Can't believe that she got fired! I'm so sad about that. It looks like Harvey does not take this well, though. So hopefully they get it fixed soon. I really like Donna. I just hope she's not off the show permanently. Poor Mike was put in a bad spot, though. He found out that Donna had the paper and had to tell Harvey because Donna couldn't/wouldn't. Felt bad for Mike.

Louis is still mad at everybody. I'm not sure if he really had a right to know about it, though, since it didn't involve him. But I felt really bad for him in this episode, what with his cat dying and all. :( That part was really sad. But it was so sweet what Rachel did for him at the end! 

However, on the bright side, Mike got to go into court for the first time! That was cool! He looked nervous, but I didn't think he did too bad. Although, he did find out that the kid lied to him about his father. That whole case was kind of interesting.

So, I think Allison is the one that was helping with the law suit, right? Well, I think they were talking about letting her go, right? I was a little confused at the end on how it all went down. 

What did you think of last weeks episode? Let me know in the comments! :) Here's the promo for next week: