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Suits "Discovery" Episode Review

What an interesting episode. Sets up a plot line. I don't know for how many episodes, but I think it should be a few. It's a very interesting plot line, too.

First off, I do not like Hardman. I know I probably keep saying this, but each episode, we find out more and more why people were not happy with his return. He treats everybody horribly even Louis, who I do not like at all, but I did feel bad for him in this episode. 

Mike is in a strange mood in this episode. Not really sure why he is, but he is. But he ends up having to work with Louis. It doesn't turn to bad for him, though. 

Harvey is in trouble in this episode because someone claims he did something bad. 

I just love Donna's character. She's hilarious, especially in this episode. She's probably one of my favorites on the show. Mike, of course, is my favorite, but Donna is probably second on the list. :)

Kind of funny that Rachel has all these guys at work that like her and that she has a trick to get rid of them. 

Ok, who else felt like they weren't sure if Louis wasn't really acting with the whole thing of being felt like he was appreciated? I wasn't really sure if he was just trying to get the deal to go through or if he truly felt that way.

At first, I was starting to like Louis in this episode because he was actually coming around and being nice to Mike and stuff, but then in the end, he finds out that Mike and Harvey were hiding something from him and he listens in on them and Louis is back to his old self now. Oh, and he tells Hardman which they were trying to avoid! :( This can't be good.

I feel so bad for Donna in this episode, though! I wonder if she just forgot about seeing the paper or truly remembered it and just lied to protect Harvey? I just felt bad for her because she was the one who claimed she didn't see it, but in the end it was her. All because she was protecting Harvey because I think she really likes him a lot still. I just hope everything works out fine for her.

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: