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White Collar "Diminishing Returns" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

First off, I gotta say that I love the fact that Neal is back at White Collar! He looks so happy, but at first I thought that maybe he was having second thoughts or at least perhaps missing some of the island life? Or it could be that he just feels bad that he got Peter into trouble.

And in this episode, we find out just how much trouble Peter got into. He gets sent into the evidence building. And he does not enjoy it at all. But everybody wants him back at White Collar, though. So that was good to find out. They just can't really do anything about it.

We find out a lot about Neal's past. And about Ellen, too. Especially all the info on Neal's dad. He was supposedly a bad cop. I'm thinking that'll come up more in the season as it goes on. That part was just all very interesting.

I just loved that fact that Neal got two cases that morning and he already solved them! :) 

One great thing about this episode, is that Mozzie finally came back. Knew he couldn't be away for long. I personally think that he missed the city. I just love Mozzie's character. And the fact that he helped Peter at the end with his evidence logging was great!

Neal does hatch a plan on trying to get Peter back into his old job. But after everything is said and done, Peter doesn't follow through with bringing in the back guy himself. He says that he wanted closer more than anything. Kind of bummed that he decided not to go through with the whole plan. But it's just a story line to keep going for a while. I'm sure eventually Peter and Neal will be partners again.

Neal looks like he gets into major trouble in next weeks episode:


  1. I have watched White Collar since season 1 and this season is highly impressive. I always recommend it to my coworkers, at Dish, and this episode was no exception. I loved being able to see Neal back on the job in the office. It was also very nice to see Peter on the outside looking in, for a change. I wasn’t able to watch this episode live on Tuesday, but this morning I watched it on Dish Online, for free. It’s nice to have another option, in case something like this week happens. Even though these first few episodes were a nice change of pace, I’m really excited to see the show get back to the usual case of the week format.

    1. I've also been a fan since season 1. This season seems to be really good so far. Thanks for reading my review and commenting. :)


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