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White Collar "Most Wanted" Episode Review

Episode starts off where last weeks left off. Another great episode, too! :) 

So, Neal did end up getting captured and is locked up in Dob's house and the cop is there, too.

Interesting what they found out about Dobs, though. I knew he couldn't be trusted, but I didn't know he would be the #4 most wanted bad guy on the FBI list. 

Loved the whole plan on how to catch the bad guy and get Neal out of the town and back to New York. 

I thought that the girl was gonna end up being bad because she told Collins, but it was all part of the plan! Loved that. :)

So sad that Mozzie isn't going back. But I have a weird feeling that something bad will happen either to him, or Neal, that will make him come back. I think he's too important to the show. I for one would be sad if he wasn't in the show anymore.

Even though they made you think that plan wasn't gonna work out because they had to change a few things, it worked out and Neal is back! Glad he is back. He seems to be really happy about it. But so sad about what happened to Peter! :( I think he basically got fired because of what he did for Neal. Neal is not gonna take this, though, I'm sure, so they are more then likely going to have a plan to get Peter back where he belongs.

Another sad part was that Ellen had to leave. :( I hope nothing bad happens to her. I think she'll be back, but hopefully in a good way. Not a bad way.

Here's the promo for next weeks episode:


  1. This was another great episode of White Collar. I have been a huge fan of the show since season 1, and I always recommend it to my coworkers, at Dish. I was really excited to know that Peter and Neal can still work together, even when they are on different sides of the law. I haven’t been able to watch this season live yet, but this morning I got completely caught up on Dish Online, for free. It’s nice to have a place to go and watch TV when you’re not at home. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season progresses; it seems like there are a lot of great things coming!


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