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White Collar "The Wanted" Season Premiere Episode Review

I don't know how long after the season premiere takes place from where it left off in the season finale. It sounds like to me that it was only a few weeks or months. Maybe it did say and I just missed it. 

Poor Peter. He has such a hard time with Neal disappearing in this episode. But Peter really had no choice but to let him go. 

We don't find out where Neal is at right away. All we do is see him some place tropical and with the paintings (or so we thought).

The guy that is after Neal, though, I don't like him. He is like going to do everything he can to get Neal. And I don't think he cares if Neal is alive or dead. Which is horrible.

Peter was doing his own stake out with this E Parker. Thought that was kind of cute with him involving his wife and his wife is actually the one who ended up getting E Parker to the house after all. :)

So now Neal is on the run again because the guy in charge (I forgot his name), found out where Neal was. But Peter got there in time, we hope. It kind of ended with a cliffhanger. 

Thought it was cute how Neal got Peter to come meet him at the place with the kid and the wallet. :) Kind of figured that was going on with how Hector was acting when Peter was chasing him.

Ok, anybody else think that the deal with that one guy that Neal saw in the beginning was gonna turn out bad? The one that was gonna supposedly "protect" them from anything? I wasn't at all surprised at the end when Neal got caught at the house. Knew something like that was bound to happen. 

Great season opener, though. Glad this show is back! :) I missed it. Here's the promo for next weeks episode:


  1. White Collar always starts off the season strong, and this year was more proof. The season premiere picked up right after season 3, and it didn’t disappoint at all! I have been watching White Collar since it premiered, and I always tell my coworkers, at Dish, about how good it is. I haven’t heard one complaint yet. I didn’t have a chance to see this season live, since I’ve been away from home every Tuesday so far, but Dish Online has all of the episodes for free. I watched them all this morning in a little marathon, which is the best way to watch TV shows anyway. I can’t wait for next week and Laura Vandervoort!


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