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Burn Notice "Shock Wave" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Someone does not make it out alive. That's what we heard from the promo from last weeks episode. And wow, what a sad ending it was.

I didn't watch this episode all at once and it was a few days after that I watched the second half, so I'll try to remember it as best as I can.

MI5 wants Fiona to work for them, I guess? I'm not really sure all that went down during that whole thing or maybe they were just preventing her from getting out of jail?

Felt bad for Sam. He's been with Michael through this whole thing and he can't go! I don't know why they didn't want him there. He's more reliable then Nate and he gets to go.

Someone we haven't seen in a while, Berry! He's kind of funny. So, it was nice to see him and Sam work together. Even though by the end of the episode, Sam was annoyed with him. Berry gets pretty beat up in this episode. Shot twice because the bad guys are not happy about the whole situation with Fiona. 

Chuck Finely back again! :)

Wow, Michael was such a jerk to Nate. All Nate was trying to do, was be helpful and nice. Of course, he wasn't really secretive, but he's new to this whole business. 

Wow, the whole mess with Berry and Sam worked out and they both got out of there alive! That was a close call. 

I do have to admit that I found out who wasn't gonna make it in the episode, before I watched it, so it wasn't quite a surprise, but when it was coming up, it was still sad to see happen. :(

Knew the hotel room thing was a trap. It was way too easy to catch Anson. 

What a twist at the end, though! Nate died. :( Super sad, though. And Nate was scared and was crying when he died! :( And someone shot Anson! What a twist! So, I'm thinking Anson was not the guy in charge and that there was still someone over Anson. That's what I think. I could be wrong, but who would shoot Anson? That's the only logical reason I could think of.

Poor Madeline. She was so upset when Michael had to tell her about Nate. Knew she was gonna be.

But one good thing happened in this episode. Fiona got out of jail! Loved the ending when we saw her get out. I missed Fiona on the team. 

I'm a week behind on the show, but here's the promo for the episode after this one that already aired: