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Covert Affairs "Hello Stranger" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Annie tries to turn the Chief of staff of Yamen into a CIA asset.

Interesting episode. It first starts off with the Prime Minister (you don't know of what country yet) having a heartattack. You later find out that he's the Prime Minister of Yamen. And Annie is determined to get the CIA an asset from that country. She kind of rubs the wrong way with Joan in this episode. Especially since she won't let it go until Joan gives her the go ahead even though Joan tells her they've tried before. But you know Annie. She won't let it go until she gets it. And due to her persistence, Joan gave her the go ahead.

Ok, how'd she find out about Auggie? But at least she knows now. So hopefully he will talk to her about all that happened and stuff. Anybody else catch how she found out and I just missed that part?

Wow, Annie was very smart and quick thinking with the smoking thing with Sayid Al-Mugri. Got the guys attention and them alone together so that they could talk. But of course, it's never that easy. She has to do a little more work to get his trust. And then he told the guards that Annie was there and Annie got caught and got Arthur and Joan in trouble.

Loved having Annie and Auggie work together again. Forgot how much I missed that in the show. 

Well, I think the therapist had a breakthrough with Auggie in their session during this episode. Auggie decides to take her somewhere and we don't know where at first. But then they stop at an intersection and we find out that he's gonna have her walk across the street blindfolded! How scary for her! Perhaps trying to get her to know how it feels to be blind? Very interesting. After that, Auggie kind of opens up to her about how it was right after his accident. Poor Auggie. :( 

Thought it was too funny that Annie decided to buy out the entire drug store of the cigarettes, just so that Sayid would have to talk to her to get some. Boy, did that plan work well! :)

Intense conversation between Joan and Arthur. Joan was not at all happy for Arthur disagreeing with her during the phone conversation and about having to send Annie home. Could their marriage be on the line again? Seems like his possible promotion might be going to his head.

Yes, Annie is gaining Sayid's trust! Didn't think she could do it, but it looks like it's slowly working! Awesome! Well, so you thought. After all that, it didn't end up working. You feel bad for Sayid because the Prime Minister did indeed die. :(  And Annie got in trouble, yet again.

Shocking turn of events towards the end of the episode. Annie wants to leave Joan! I'm not entirely sure why she started thinking about this. Maybe she liked having more power in her other position? Who knows. But I was sad to hear that and I think Joan looked disappointed/sad, too. 

But on a happy note, Annie got Sayid to be an asset! :) So, maybe that'll make her change her mind about leaving. If I understood the end right, it sounded like Joan either knew already, or helped out with it more then Annie thought or something. All I know is, that Joan was involved. Just hoping that Annie rethinks her moving positions. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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