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Is (Spoiler) Really -A?

*Do not read any further if you haven't watched the season finale!*

So, I wanna know your thoughts on the betrayal. Do you guys really think Toby is involved with the whole -A team or is he trying to protect Spencer? Or could he truly have betrayed them all and is really bad? Let the theories begin! :)

I won't be surprised if Toby is doing this to protect Spencer. Remember when he told her that he was gonna find out for himself what was going on with them? 

But if they truly want to throw a twist in there, they can truly make Toby be bad. We wouldn't have seen it coming. Let me just tell you, he was never on my suspect list. My suspect list consists of:

Paige (maybe)
Ezra (maybe)
Wren (maybe)

So yeah, that's my list. Toby was never on it and is still not. I am just thinking there's a reasonable explanation for him being on it. But like I said, he could truly be bad because remember back in season one where we didn't trust him at all? Then we started liking him, now we are back to not trusting him. 

So, what are your theories on the whole Toby on the -A team and who is on your -A team list? Let me know in the comments below! :)