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Pretty Little Liars "The Kahn Game" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Hanna receives another text from -A, this time it has to do with Caleb. And Spencer and Aria go to a party at the Kahn's house.

What an interesting episode it was tonight! Found out about a lot more stuff about everybody!

Poor Spencer, though at the beginning of the episode. She wasn't herself and we didn't know why right off the bat. But a few minutes later, we find out that she missed her early deadline for her college acceptance and she kind of fell apart about everything that's happening and the stuff that's happening with Toby (btw, missed him in this episode). I feel bad for her. Spencer is my favorite, so I am hoping stuff works out for her. Cece is back and she tells Spencer that she knows a guy that works at the college that is gonna be at a party that she is going to and invites Spencer along and Aria comes, too. That part was very interesting and I'll get to all that in a minute. Oh and in the end, it all works out! :) Well, for the college part. Not sure about the Toby thing.

Man, the police are still on Hanna to do the blood test. I don't get why they think she's even involved in the first place? Almost makes me wonder if perhaps someone might be trying to frame her? And why aren't they getting the other girls' blood tests? Weird, right?

Familiar faces alert! Well, for those who watch Disney Channel, he would be a familiar face. Gregg Sulkin played Alex's boyfriend on Wizards of Waverly Place and in tonight's episode, he played Ezra's brother. Did not even know that Ezra had a brother until this episode! That was a very interesting fact we found out. So much stuff we learned about Ezra tonight, too. But I thought Gregg did a great job at playing Wes. Also, the guy who played Eric (Noell's brother) was on Life With Derek. And Eric also didn't do a bad job either! :)

Perhaps the whole story with Ezra and selling the car is true, but he still acted very strange when he had to leave all of the sudden to the meeting. He's not really on my suspect list, but he's penciled in at the bottom. :) Let's just say, I wouldn't be surprised if he does end up being involved in it, but I just hope not. Interesting facts we learned about Ezra. First, that he had a brother. Then, that he got a girl pregnant in high school and his mom got rid of her! Well, not like rid of her liked killed her kind of way, but like got rid of her so she couldn't talk to Ezra anymore. Found out why he moved and why he changed his name to Fitz. Very interesting. I don't think Aria likes all the facts that she learned about him, though.

Ok, now let's get back to the party. The party was at Noell's house! And that's where Maya was the night she died! And I think that's also where Holden and them were, too, the night Emily got drugged. A few more pieces of that came together. Nothing major. Just that we learned that Jenna and Noell found Emily at a coffee shop instead of where Jenna said she was.

Jenna and Noell are back together. And Spencer and Aria, and Noell and Jenna play a very interesting game of truth or dare. It gets a little mean with Aria when she goes up against Noell. But when it comes to Jenna's turn with Spencer, Jenna kind of avoids the questions. Not sure why. Weird.

Who didn't see it coming with Wes picking up Aria at the party? Man, that family just wants to create drama for everybody. 

They finally tell Emily about the site and she watches the videos and is crying. Paige walks in on her watching it, but she doesn't have a cow like I thought she would.

I actually like Ted and Hanna's mom. I just hope nothing bad happens to Ted or that he doesn't end up being bad. You never know what new characters you can trust on this show.

Ok, who didn't believe for a minute that Caleb was -A? Wasn't he already supposedly working for -A back in season 2 or whenever? And I didn't think it would be him just because you saw it in the commercial. Something that important, they wouldn't show you in the commercial. I thought that whole scene was cute, though. That he was trying to figure out what was going on and that he would do that for Hanna. I don't really like Caleb, but what he did in this episode, made me like him a whole lot more! :)

-A is moving in somewhere and their apartment is the letter A. Wonder where they are moving into?

Anybody want to take a guess on who will betray them all on the summer finale? Comment below with your guesses! I couldn't even begin to guess. Here's the promo for next weeks episode (which btw, looks amazing!):