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Pretty Little Liars "The Lady Killer" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Huge spoilers in review, so read at your own risk!!!!!*

"Somebody close to them will betray them". That's what you kept hearing the past couple of weeks leading up to the season finale if you watch the previews. And believe me, you will not believe at all who betrays them! I was shocked! I like had a heart attack when they showed the person! Want to find out who it was? Well, then read on and I'll reveal it! :)

We also found out who killed Maya. Wasn't surprised at this news however. Was already expecting the person.

Clip before the credits at the beginning, you see somebody died and Hanna bawling her eyes out and that's when the clip cuts off. After the credits, it goes back two days before.

The girls invite Emily over to the house (well, trick her to get over there), to try and explain to her why they think Paige is involved. However, Emily does make sense when she said that about the earring. That -A puts stuff right where they want the girls to find it. So, that would make sense with the whole thing with Paige and the earring.

Also, something else was cleared up that I was a little confused about. Nobody actually knew for a fact that Maggie had the baby. I guess she was supposed to get an abortion, but she ended up keeping the baby.

Emily spilled her guts to Paige about the whole -A business. Can't believe that she did that! Still not sure if Paige is on the -A team or not, but I still don't think Emily should of told her that.

Mona broke out of the hospital! We don't know why at first, but we later find out that she's planning on something with -A.

Emily going to a cabin with Nate? This has "trap" written all over it!

#Tobyisback was a hastag when, you guessed it, Toby came back! :)

How awakard was it when Aria went to open the door at Ezra's place and Maggie was standing there? Maggie was sweet, though, and didn't say anything to Ezra about Aria and Maggie meeting before hand.

Caleb and the gun = bad. And he took the gun after he told Hanna he wasn't going to! This is gonna end badly.

-A just told Mona to do something that I don't think Mona liked. Just the expression on her face, you could tell she didn't like what she had to do.

Aria looks sad that Maggie and Ezra are getting along so well. She also looked a little awakard there.

Weird look on Toby's face when he hugged Spencer? What was that all about?

Mona wants to change the plans with -A and they almost showed the other -A's face, but wanna keep that a secret just a little bit longer.

We never did find out why nobody showed up at the gravesite, though. Weird.

But I want to know how Caleb knew where to go? Did I just miss that part of the episode? There was so much going on that I probably could have.

Nate never sent the letter that Emily gave him! Not surprised at all by that. Kind of figured that out when Emily gave him. 

Glad that they didn't make one person look suspicious, they made everybody look suspicious! Loved that! Really made the ending a surprise!

Watching movies of Maya. Find out that Nate isn't really Nate. And that he killed Maya. Big shocker there (being sarcastic). Knew I couldn't trust him from the beginning and I'm glad I'm right! He has Paige! Almost kills both girls, but Emily got away and later we find out that Paige did, too.

Another hastag in episode: #LadyKiller

Something very strange going on with Caleb towards the end. But after watching what happened, glad he told Hanna he loved her.

Ok Emily, why go in the lighthouse? I'd try and stay on the ground so there's more room to run and try and get away. Nate comes up. He has a knife. They fight and Emily "kills" Nate! Caleb comes just in time. But he dropped the gun (stupid move) and Nate wasn't really dead (or that's what I'm thinking) and the camera pulls away from the lighthouse and you hear the gun go off, but don't know till the next scene that Caleb got shot pretty badly. Nate eventually died. Not sure if he was dead at first, though. Hopefully not. Don't want to think that Emily shot Caleb. 

Because of everything that went down tonight, Garrett got to be freed from jail! Still think he's involved, just not sure how now.

And now to the most shocking part of the episode! Who is the other -A that Mona was talking to? Is this perhaps the real -A or just another member of the team? Well, without further ado, the new -A team member is...................................................TOBY! Could not believe that! Just about had a heart attack at the end. Somebody made a good point on Twitter, though. Perhaps, he joined the team because he wanted to help find out what was going on? Remember when Toby said he was gonna find out for himself? But wow, what a shocker! Was not expecting that at all. I'm glad, too because last season finale, they made it too obvious that it was Mona. Glad they decided to shock us and they sure did! Sure I'm a little disappointed it's him, but I'm wondering if he's there for good intentions? 

Anyways, didn't you guys just love this season finale? I sure did! Let me know in the comments what you thought about it! Sorry this review got a little long. There was so much to talk about! :)

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