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Pretty Little Liars "Single Fright Female" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

We find out that Paige had a violent past with Allison and Spencer tries to warn Emily, but she won't listen to her. Aria tries to figure out a way on how to help Ezra have peace with Maggie.

So, we find out that Wren keeps calling Hanna for some weird reason. Hanna won't answer. But she's with Spencer when he calls and Spencer asks why. With what Spencer tells her, I think that Hanna would be fine telling her what happened. I think Spencer would understand more then Hanna thinks she would.

What was the whole deal with the thumb drive? Did Hanna drop it or was it planted there by -A? I was confused by that whole thing.

It's Ezra's birthday in the episode! But he's not feeling in the mood to party. Mainly because of the whole deal with Maggie. So, like Aria, she tries to figure out a why to get to Maggie to see if she's doing ok so she can let Ezra know and stop worrying about her. And she does. Aria finds Maggie is a teacher at a school and pretends to want to be a teacher as well so she can figure out what's going on. Now I'm a little confused because I thought Ezra knew she had the kid and in this episode, it seems like everybody is surprised that she has one? Anybody care to explain?

Emily decided to tell Paige about the kiss with Nate. That was interesting.

Cece at school? Does that seem weird to anybody else? Did we find out why she was even there? I don't trust her.

Paige and Ali had it out for each other! Didn't even know that they knew each other.

Caleb and Hanna chatting in school over the computer. Hopefully Jenna didn't see anything, though, since she was like standing right behind them. Is it me, or did Caleb look suspicious of Jenna when she sat down? What was up with that weird look?

Nate is getting creepier and creepier by the minute. So, supposedly he thinks that because Nate and Emily kissed, that they are an item now and he's making plans? She doesn't want to get involved with him. But we find out that Emily didn't regret kissing him.

Who was watching Emily and Spencer in school talking about Paige and Allison? I have no clue. My guess is that maybe it was Paige. Or perhaps -A or someone on the -A team. 

And now Nate is showing up at the school to look for Emily? Creepy much? Did anybody think that was a weird outburst from him with finding out that Jenna was faking being blind and him yelling at her for "seeing" him at one point? I wonder what he meant about that?

Sensitive subject about Paige and Allison. Emily tries to bring it up, but she refuses to talk about it. And then she wants to be friends with Emily's friends? Weird? I think yes.

Didn't know that Greg Sulkin was gonna be back! But why do I get the feeling that his character likes Aria? Just how he was acting around her when she was there at Ezra's by herself and at the party too when Ezra and Aria kissed.

Poor Spencer! Somebody locked her in the dressing room with a snake! -A definitely was there. Makes me wonder if Cece is apart of the -A team.

Paige took the knife from Emily's room! Or so we think anyways. 

Caleb and Hanna moment in the dressing rooms. And we find out that Caleb kind of saved Hanna from the video file and getting it sent to the police. How sweet. :)

Man, Aria is in a tough situation. Isn't sure whether or not to tell Ezra that she visited Maggie, but she doesn't have to! He finally called her and knows that she's doing fine. Expect he doesn't know about the baby.

Paige shows up to the store with Emily. Very odd conversation between her and Spencer, though. 

Paige finally opens up about Allison to Emily. But this episode made me put Paige on the -A list. Wondering if she's the one who's gonna betray them? I hope they make it a little less obvious then that, though.

Hanna's mom was awesome! Throwing the thumb drive down the garbage disposal. And then how sweet was it of Hanna to cover for her mom with Ted? 

Weird that Jenna showed up at Emily's house to warn her about Paige. Why would Jenna do something like that? So not like Jenna at all.

Paige had an earring from Allison's grave! That's what they found in her purse. Was not expecting Paige to be apart of this whole thing, but I guess you never know who to trust on this show.

Wow, that scene at the end with -A was quite different and revealing, too! They show us two -A's this time. One handing the apartment key to the other. Just to prove to us that there's more then one. Even though I knew there had to be with all the stuff that -A knows about. But wasn't that the same type of music that Ezra was listening to? Makes him look more and more suspicious if it was. It sounded like the same type of thing to me.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: 


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  2. I think Jenna was warning Emily about Nate. Nate's reaction to Jenna faking blind proved that he did something bad in front of her when he thought she was blind. I think he is not Maya's cousin, but her True North stalker. As for Ezra, I think he lied to Aria about what Maggie told him. The band Ezra wanted to listen to, called Supertramp, sang a song with the lyrics "undisputed truth" in it. The band that sang the song on the jukebox is called Undisputed Truth. So there could be a connection there. I think Paige is a red herrring before an A reveal like Melissa was before Mona was revealed as A. I think the A-team member revealed Tuesday will be Toby, Ezra, or Caleb. However, I don't know if the liars will find out the member too! I think Nate killed Maya.

  3. Thanks for the reply! And the input! I think you are right on all accounts. Figured Nate probably did something weird in front of Jenna while she was faking that no one probably should have seen. Um...that could be about the Paige thing. Like they are making us think she is involved, but she really isn't. I just hope it's not Toby. Toby is like my favorite and I would hate for him to be involved. I like Ezra, but this season, they've really made him look suspicious. Nate is just acting so weird all of the sudden. Never trusted him from the beginning, but now he's acting even more weird. I don't think he's related to Maya. I think maybe he might be the boy she couldn't get rid of? That would make sense seeing as he's kind of doing the samething to Emily now. But where is Emily in that one sneak peek picture ABC Family posted? Hope nothing goes bad with her! :(


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