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Pretty Little Liars "Stolen Kisses" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Shocking is the best way to describe this episode because it was just that, shocking!

In this episode, Emily still tries to piece together what happened from that night when Allison's grave was dug up. Ezra's mom is in town and Aria meets her. 

Left off from where last weeks episode ended. The girls are still trying to get into that strange site that Mona gave them. I still have no clue why she gave them that site. I'm not sure if it's because she's trying to help them or if it's another trap or what. So, they finally decide to get Caleb's help, though Hanna is not happy at all with that. But he gets them in! It's basically a video diary, but the entires are all messed up. Like they aren't in any order. Not sure if they were like that to begin with or if it was messed up on purpose. Still not entirely sure if this site is a good thing for the girls to be looking into. But the last video they watched, Maya looked scared. They don't know why, though because they wanted to wait to watch it with Emily.

A lot of stuff seemed to happen in this episode. First, the whole thing with the site, now Meredith got the job at the school! I feel so bad for Aria. I'm not even sure why Meredith was applying there. Seems a little odd, but whatever. Hopefully the dad tells the mom like he said he would, but I have a feeling he won't.

Aw, poor Nate, Jenna did stand him up. Emily tried to warn him, but he didn't listen to her. I still think Nate and Emily like each other, but I'm not really trusting Nate. I don't know why, it's just a feeling I have. He acts a little funny sometimes.

Wow, really interesting stuff that we learned about Ezra when his mom came into town. Aria meets her for the first time. That was all just a little weird. Now I know why Ezra seemed a little weird when he tried to explain where he got all that money from. I think perhaps he had to go to his family? I don't know. Guess he could be involved with the whole -A business, but maybe not anymore now that we know his family is rich. I do wanna know, though, is that how his mom knew so much about Aria's family and yet Aria knew very little about Ezra's mom. I found that all very strange.

This is not looking good for Toby. Since he can't get any answers out of Spencer about what is really happening, he's going to take it into his own hands and find out what's going on. Let's just hope nothing serious happens with him! :(

Another shocking thing was revealed in tonight's episode. Maya was with Garrett the night she died! In the last video they watched on Maya's site, it looks like police lights came up before the video stopped. Maybe she was meeting up with Garrett then and that's why she looked so scared?

Mona was going to get moved to another hospital, but thanks to Hanna, she gets to stay! Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. But after all that happened, her and Wren kissed! They both looked shocked. I'm not sure if she did it just because she was so happy and did it without thinking or what. I was shocked to see that as well!

More and more -A clips make it look like Ezra is involved now. But maybe not. Maybe they just want us to think he is. It looks like we might find out soon who else is apart of the -A team. Here's the promo for next weeks episode: