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Pretty Little Liars "What Lies Beneath" Episode Review

*This review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

In this episode, Hanna and Emily find out that Maya was at the Kahn's cabin in the woods and they try to investigate more into that. Spencer investigates Noel and Aria tries to deal with the stuff that she's learned about Ezra.

Such an interesting episode it was on Tuesday night. So, Hanna found an old note from Maya that was supposed to be to Emily and they figure out that it was written they night she died! Maya wanted Emily to meet her somewhere, but they weren't sure where because that part was smudged. 

Poor Aria. She's having a tough time with this whole thing about Ezra. Finding out about his old girlfriend and stuff. I feel bad for her. Then it seems like she tries to fix it, but Ezra is still acting weird about it. 

Ok, was it just me or did Wren look disappointed when Hanna told him that they couldn't see each other? I think Wren might like Hanna a little bit, but I'm not sure if Hanna feels that way. Still not even sure why she kissed him and maybe that's a secret we will never know, but I couldn't even begin to guess why she did it. I just got the feeling that Wren looked sad he couldn't be with Hanna.

Another sad fact that we found out in this episode: Toby is gone. :( 

Anybody else think it's strange when Spencer was talking to Noel, that he just all of the sudden thought Spencer was talking about him being a suspect in the murder investigation? I just thought that was strange that he put that together when it sounded like they weren't even talking about that to begin with. Felt like I missed something important in that conversation. Later on, Spencer looks in his locker in the boys' locker room for something. She then gets caught (knew it was gonna turn out bad) by Noel after she looks in there and Noel just decides to give her video surveillance of his cabin? I thought that was also strange, too. Almost seemed like something -A would do and then turn it around on them. Of course, Noel is on my suspect list of the -A team, so who knows? Just thought that whole scene was really weird.

But one good thing about the cabin, is that we did find out that Noel and Jenna weren't involved with Maya's death. Somebody kidnapped her, we just don't know who!

Was it just me or was Jenna acting really strange around Nate when he went to talk to her about the date that she bailed on? I just thought she was acting weird. But I know, it's Jenna, so that could just be her.

How creepy was the whole scene at the Kahn's cabin? I knew there was someone there when they heard that noise when they first got there. Hanna said it was just the wind, but I distinctly heard footsteps running away after the noise. So, we figured out that Maya didn't leave Rosewood after all and was staying there at the cabin or was kidnapped. Because that room that she was staying in (the hidden one), did not look like a friendly place. And then the girls got locked in the room! -A was obviously there, because of the note they left. Hanna got hurt, too! :( Wren came to the rescue, though because they didn't want to go to the hospital. Knew they were gonna call Wren, though. Kind of obvious. Oh and also, Maya had something from Allison! Not sure why, either. Something also very strange.

Nate and Emily kissed! Still don't fully trust Nate. I just think the whole scene at the end with not getting over the death of Maya just seemed really strange with how he was acting. But poor Paige walking up and seeing them. I felt a little bad for her. :( Knew that Nate liked Emily, but wasn't expecting a kiss between them. I think Emily might like Nate, she just doesn't want to admit it.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know by commenting below! Thanks for reading! Here's the promo for next weeks amAzing episode: