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Suits "All In" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Harvey and Mike work on a case together. Rachel and Louis work together. And Jessica has a problem with who is running the law suit against the firm.

Wow, another interesting episode for this show! This show just gets better and better.

Harvey all of the sudden shows up at Mike's place. I think he's never been there before. It was funny seeing him react to where Mike lived compared to where Harvey lives. Harvey wants Mike to go to Atlantic city with him for something, but doesn't say right away. They do however, need to dress up. But it was nice to see Mike and Harvey actually work a case together again.

Rachel and Louis like the samething! They show up at the same ballet and learn that there is some sort of problem with it and Louis looks into it and asks Rachel for help! Weird seeing them work together, but it was a nice touch. They actually make a great team. Even though they didn't do too well at first on their part.

Funny part of the show is I thought, anyways, that Mike was banned from the place that Harvey was bringing him to for counting cards! So he was nervous to go in, but Harvey didn't really care and brought him in anyways. Nothing happened, though.

Wow, Harvey's friend, Keith, just lost his company because he bet it! Harvey of course, is willing to take the case and tries to get it back for his friend. 

Another funny moment. Harvey wants Mike to babysit Keith and we see them talking in the room and Mike is building a card house (not very successfully) because he's bored. He didn't want to be babysitting while he was there. Just thought that was funny. :)

I think it's sweet that Harvey is having a hard time with Donna being let go. He doesn't want to replace her at all and says that Donna can't be replaced! Too sweet! And so Jessica takes it into her hands and hires an assistant for him anyways. His name is Cameron and he's actually not bad. He seemed pretty on top of things, but kind of got on the wrong side of Harvey because he rearranged everything.

Another cute moment. #savedonna was a hastage during the rest of the episode. :) 

Loved the little pep talk from Rachel to Louis to get him back to his old self to figure out the whole ballet building situation! And it worked! :)

Wow, Mike finds out that Louis bugged the office and how Hardman found out about the lawsuit! At first, he wasn't gonna tell Harvey, but then he did because he was mad. Harvey of course, got mad. But it didn't distract him, like I think Mike wanted it to. 

But Harvey didn't yell at Louis. I thought he was going to because he was in a bad mood and everything, but he just said that Louis owes him one now. So not sure if that's worse or not. Guess we will have to find out.

Here's the promo for the next episode (I'm a week behind on this show, so this episode already aired):