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Suits "Asterisk" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Harvey tries to win over an important person that'll help with the voting and with his future.

Wow, what an very awesome episode! Man, I thought I loved last season, but this season has improved even more and I love it! I'm like addicted to this show.

Harvey goes to Donna's house to try and get her back to the firm. An interesting fact that we find out about them. He's been to her house before. Once for a dinner party and another time for something secret that they won't say. Wonder what that was about?

Weird that Mike didn't get a bonus because of Jessica, but Harvey gave him one instead. Didn't fully understand that whole scene with what was going on.

Ugh, Daniel is just making things worse for everybody. Now he promoted Louis to senior partner! Louis was very happy about it, but still not cool of Daniel to do that.

Well, Harvey's plan worked with getting Donna back! She's back and I love it! She's like one of the best characters on the show. So glad that Harvey got her back. They work so well together. 

You know, I really like how Mike and Harvey act together. They play off each other very well. It has been very noticeable in this season and I love it!

Ok, does anybody else wonder if Louis was truly sorry for Donna and what he was asking her with the trial run thing or was he just saying that to just smooth things over? I never know with Louis.

Mike's Grandma is back in this episode. Haven't seen her in a while. Glad she's back. I missed her. She's so sweet. She just wanted to see where he worked, but she was embarrassing Mike.

All I gotta say, is that Jessica better win the vote. She's a much better manager then Daniel is. At least she never did anything to make anybody doubt their trust in her.

Mike and Rachel moment in the apartment for Mike's Grandma. Who didn't love that scene? I love the Mike and Rachel moments. They so need to get back together.

Something awesome happened for Rachel. She took the test to become a lawyer and she past! She wanted Mike to be there and open it for her, though because she was too nervous. So sweet.

So, we find out that Jessica's plan all along with Louis was to get him to admit that he wanted Jessica to come to him herself and not have Harvey do it for her to convince him to vote for her. Interesting plan there.

Episode ended on a sad note. I found it very strange that Rachel showed up to the apartment when Mike was there getting it ready to show his Grandma, but then a minute later we found out why she was there. To tell him that his Grandma passed away. :( Aw, that whole scene was just so sad! I was actually surprised by the death. I can't even describe my feelings for that scene.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments! :)

Here's the promo for the awesome looking season finale (which aired tonight, August 23rd, 2012):