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Suits "High Noon" (Season Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Mike is having problems with his grandma's death and it's effecting his work and helping Harvey with the firm voting.

Voting time. Poor Louis doesn't know who to vote for. Louis is in a tough situation. I'm not sure what I would do if I was in his position.

Well, whoever Louis voted for (we do not know), Jessica lost! I was so shocked to see that. :(

Mike is having such a hard time with his grandma's death. Poor guy. He should open up about it, but he doesn't want anybody to know. It's bad for him to keep stuff like that bottled up. To top it all off, he just brought drugs. :(

Well, because of all the changes the firm is going through with Daniel Hardman being in charge and Louis being Senior Partner, Harvey is now having to move floors! Not sure what the whole idea was behind that. But he wasn't at all happy.

Ok, did I understand it right that Daniel wants Louis to fire Harvey or somehow get him to that point? I think that's just wrong. Makes me not like Daniel at all. Not that I did to begin with, but yeah.

Hastage during episode: #Pearson or #Hardman. They were wondering who you thought Louis voted for. To be honest, I have no clue who he voted for. I'm hoping he voted for Jessica by the end of it, but who knows? Maybe that's what we will find out in the next half of the season.

Wow, Mike just lashed out at Harvey in the office in front of people! I think Harvey looked shocked and after it happened, you knew that Mike felt bad about it. But because of it, Mike got sent home. :(

Ok, I have to say right now that my TV kept having flood warnings come up, so I missed about 3 minutes of the episode a couple times. So, I don't understand why Rachel all of the sudden showed up at Mike's place. Figured it had something to do with the funeral. How sweet was it of her to go with him? Then at the funeral, we meet an old "friend" (not too sure what they were) of Mike's named Tess.

Aw, that speech that Mike made for his grandma was just too sweet. I agree with Rachel. He needed to do that.

Louis is so cocky in this episode. I do feel a little bad for him at the end, but still, he is just too cocky and I don't like it. 

And another thing I missed due to the flood warning. Don't know why Tess was at Mike's place or what she said to upset him or what they were gonna do/did. But thankfully that was later confirmed. She was married, but they still went for it. Did not agree with that. Not sure why they even did it, but whatever.

How cute was it that Harvey visited Mike? Harvey knew about his grandma's death and I think that's why he went to his house to make sure he was ok. So now the two of them are smoking. Not a good thing.

What a shock what Louis was telling Donna! He wants Donna to work for him! Donna hates Louis, so that would never happen in a million years. Love the fact that she basically told him off.

Louis snooping in Harvey's office? What's that about? But thankfully Harvey and Mike came in (stoned) and caught him. Well, not really caught him, but he was stopped with whatever he was gonna do. Thank goodness. But that made Harvey a little paranoid. Harvey almost hit Louis! Mike thought fast, though and prevented it. Phew, that was a close call. Harvey could have gotten in big trouble for it.

But since they were stoned, it made Harvey and Mike realize what all happened with the whole mysterious document that all of the sudden showed up. Daniel framed them so that he could return to his full position! Ugh, the nerve of him to pull something like that again with the same people that were involved the last time! That just has "stupid" written all over it.

Now however, they need proof on if it was true. Harvey finds out from Tanner that it was true! Mike just has to get a signed paper from the manufacture guy to say it was, but he won't give it to him. But, Mike as always is a fast thinker and does something and comes in just the right time. Harvey got in trouble for coming into the office stoned and refused to take a drug test. So, the board was having a meeting and that's when Harvey brought up his theory and thank goodness Mike came in when he did. Because it all worked out and Daniel got fired! That was like the best scene ever! At first, I was thinking Mike forged the signature, but he didn't. He just signed his own name and they didn't look at it to see. So, yeah, that's how it went all down. Pretty awesome if you ask me! 

However, I was shocked when Louis didn't raise his hand to vote the first time, but I was shocked when he raised his hand to get Daniel fired! Makes me wonder if he voted for Jessica in the first place.

Wow, what a way to close out the season. What did you guys think about that cliffhanger? Mike and Tess together and Rachel shows up and sees them! When she's about to admit that she wants to get back together with Mike! Wrong move on Mike's part. But wow, what a cliffhanger. Can't wait to find out what happens, but we must because it's not back until January. At least it wasn't a year like last time. That was way too long for this show.

Sorry about this being kind of long. There was a lot to talk about, but I hope you enjoyed my review! :)

Did you love or hate the season finale? Let me know in the comments! :)