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Suits "Sucker Punch" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Harvey turns to an old colleague he used to know to help with the firm.

I'm like so addicted to this show! It has gotten so good and it keeps getting better and better.

So, now Harvey is getting the interrogation from Tanner and that whole thing just turned really mean. I couldn't believe the stuff Tanner was telling him! First, he wants Harvey to get disbarred and then he thinks that Harvey and Jessica like each other? He couldn't be way more off with that! Ugh, that whole thing made me mad. 

One of the good things about this episode, is that Donna is back! Well, sort of. They need her in the practice trail, but she doesn't want to come. Mike gets her to come, though and that does not turn out well. I couldn't believe the questions Louis was asking her! He totally put her on the spot and I don't know why he was doing it. I think it was unfair. But Harvey stood up for her! :)

Ok, what was up with the polygraph for Mike? I didn't understand that whole scene. What was the point with it? Poor Mike, though, having to answers those questions. Louis knew he was lying, but figured that he was just nervous. Thank goodness he thought that! Mike could have been fired on the spot. Of course, he does technically have a diploma from Harvard. That part was true.

Loved how everybody was starting to help Mike find some dirt on the Tanner guy. That part was funny! :)

Was totally surprised at Louis' answers when they put him up for the interrogation in the court. 

I was shocked when Harvey settled at the end! But this is gonna turn bad, I just know it. And it did because Daniel turned it against them and now wants Jessica gone! She better not leave. People like Jessica way better then Daniel. Jessica better win! I wouldn't like it if Daniel was in charge.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments! 

Here's the promo for the "Rewind" episode which already aired (I'm behind on blogging):