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White Collar "Honor Among Thieves" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I just realized that I hadn't written my review for this episode. Oops. Sorry about that guys! :)

An art thief blackmails Neal into stealing an art piece in this episode.

What a depressing way to start off the episode. At a funeral. Ellen did indeed die in the last episode. But it really motivates Neal to find this Sam person that Ellen said Sam is the only person Neal can trust about what happened. I believe there's more story to the whole thing with Neal's dad shooting or possibly shooting the cop.

Who didn't see that coming that Neal just showed up at the case? Was not at all surprised to see him there. :) Loved that part, though. It was funny. Also, he wasn't allowed into the museum without an FBI escort! :)

Neal was not at all happy with is position on the case. He wanted to actually work at the museum, but Peter wouldn't allow that and neither would the museum.

Kind of an interesting turn of events. Abigail knows who Neal is!

Neal is not happy with how Peter is handling getting the Sam info. Neal wants to do it his way, but Peter doesn't want him to do it that way. Peter wants to to it the right way.

So now, Abigail starts to blackmail Neal into getting the art piece for her instead! Since she can't do it herself. I feel bad for Neal. Abigail offers to get the info that Neal needs from the Marshall building.

Neal needed to tell Peter right from the beginning that Abigail was blackmailing him. But he didn't and he went along with the plan anyways. I can't believe he did that because when Peter found out, he was so upset. And now because of it, Peter is gonna have a hard time trusting Neal from now on. But Neal didn't go all the way through with the plan. Well, he did, but Peter was listening in on the conversation, so Peter found out that Neal was being blackmailed and they caught Abigail. So, it was all good in the end. But I still think Peter is having a hard time trusting Neal now.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for the next episode (which aired Tuesday, August 21, 2012):