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White Collar "Identity Crisis" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

This episode was one big treasure hunt and it was awesome from the beginning to end! Reminded me so much of the National Treasure movies. And it mainly featured Mozzie, which besides Neal, is my favorite character. So you guys can guess at how much I absolutely loved this episode!

So, Peter and Neal are still trying to figure out who killed Ellen, but no new leads on the case and they have yet to find Sam. However, they did find a mysterious email account and it's still used frequently and they think it's Sam that's using it. I hope that they find Sam and that Neal gets some questions answered by him. But it's nice that they have a storyline going again. I mean, I do love the episodes where they just have to deal with cases, too, but it's always nice to have a storyline involved. I enjoy the show more.

Wow, this episode with Mozzie was very exciting. We found out way more stuff about him, which was cool, but it made me feel very bad for him. We find out that he and June spend time together at storage actions. That was actually cute with that whole scene. June hasn't been on the show in so long. I missed her. Glad she was back for a little bit.

That room that Mozzie bought was very interesting and we later find out more about it, too. Very cool about the whole peep hole in the room. If you knew the exact coordinates, it would led you to a certain place. And the room is where Mozzie found keys. First set of keys led him to a house that he actually went into and made himself at home. Found a secret passage way, too. That was really cool. But that's when the trouble starts. Bad guy was waiting for Mozzie with a gun. Then he gets to Neal's house and explained all that happened to Neal and Peter. They don't believe him at first, but as stuff unfolds, they start to believe him.

Wow, that whole history story about the numbers and stuff was really cool! :)

Who else felt bad for Mozzie in this episode? We learned that he always pictured his birth parents as spies and that's why they had to give him up for adoption, but it was mainly a coping mechanism and if something disproves that theory, Mozzie kind of shuts down and is reminded of his childhood. 

But now it gets interesting. Come to find out that what Mozzie stumbled on was indeed true. The girl they sent the code out to was real and she showed up and there is someone after Mozzie. They catch him, but have to let him go because he won't confess (yet), to the crime.

723 is in a psych ward? This just got bad. But later, we find out that he didn't kill that guy and so his story checked out.

Another sad part in the episode. When you think it's all falling apart for Mozzie and that his theory was wrong. But Neal saw a different side to Mozzie in this episode. Mozzie had created a little story to tell his friends when he was younger and he told it to Neal tonight. It was really cute, but sad at the sametime. :(

How awesome was it that they had Neal play the boss? He seemed to enjoy that! 

Knew it from the minute Peter told Mozzie to go home that something bad was going to happen. And he got the bad guy because he knew the place of the flag! That whole situation went from bad to worse. Glad Mozzie left a clue for Peter and Neal in the storage room and that led them just in time to save Mozzie, to the place where they were at. And they captured the same guy in the first place and he was the bad guy all along!

You felt so happy (at least I did) for Mozzie at the end of this episode! The girl was indeed a spy and there was really such a thing as what Mozzie had suspected! Wish Mozzie could have seen that whole room with those guys when the girl showed up with the flag. That part was just awesome to know that Mozzie was right all along. :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments! 

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