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White Collar "Parting Shots" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

In this episode, the guys think something is wrong when a beautiful widow is going to gain a huge life insurance, so they look into it.

This episode was really good, too! Did not know who all was involved with what was going on and I like it when it surprises you.

But a character returns that I was surprised to see, Sarah! Sarah and Neal don't really like each other since it ended on a bad note for them, but I think they patch things up at the end. Not sure if we will see more of Sarah, but I forgot how much I liked her.

Nice timing on Neal's part though when he was walking into the case that they were working on. He saved Sophie's life! Oh and for those who might have recognized Sophie, she was also on Smallville for a season. :)

Also another fun thing about the episode is that Peter was able to be a consultant! Loved that even though he was breaking the rules. But loved having the team back together.

We find out the guy that was tailing Sophie early on in the episode was a PI hired by someone. I can't remember the full detail, but it was all interesting. Especially when Moozie pretended to be a PI, too and try to spread rumors about Sophie and Neal. :) Loved that whole part. But of course, I always love it when Moozie is involved. Next to Neal, Moozie is my favorite character.

Neal figured out that Sophie's limo driver was involved with her kidnapping. So, he made a whole plan to get her out of the car, but instead got him into trouble. But thank goodness he had a plan all along and that he told Sophie to contact Peter because everything worked out fine with Neal!

One of the best things about this episode was, that Peter is now back at his old job! Loved that.

One of the sadder parts of the episode, Ellen, Neal's friend got hurt. The reason why she was put into witness protection caught up to her. I'm wondering if Neal's dad is indeed a good cop and something bad just happened with all of that. I think the bad cop thing was just a story. I'm not too sure, but I think whoever is after Ellen, has to do with Neal's dad. And now he's supposed to find this friend of Ellen's. Guess we will have to wait to find out more about the story. Here's the promo for the next episode (I think it's in two weeks):